Should i fly longhaul two weeks after chemo

Hi all, will finish 6 cycles of chemo and then two weeks later should fly from UK to USA not long wondering if anyone has an opinion,  I really want to go as I think it would do me good any opinions would be grateful.

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Hi Helly!  I hope that’s soon…I remember how it felt like towards my last cycle - nearing the finish line :slight_smile: I travelled a couple of times durings chemo cycles…once after my 3rd session (Germany to Egypt 4 hours) and once after my 4th (long flight from Germany to US) and once again after my 6th cycle. Thing is with the cycles, recovery takes longer every cycle than the one before because of the accumulating effects. I think 2 weeks should be relatively alright after the last session so long as it is a stress free trip (not work or presentation giving or so, if you are mentally engaged I don’t think 2 weeks is enough). it also depends on u and how long u usually take to recover after every cycle, it varies for every individuall. I would say 2 weeks is a safe bet, but I am much of a risk taker and like to push things.

I flew 2 weeks after db mx to on a 4.5 flight to my son’s wedding! I also flew during chemo. I did wear a face ask on the plane!

I flew long haul 2 weeks after my last chemo.I had 20 hr flight.  I had a blood check from oncologist beforehand .As long as your bloods are ok. And you feel fine should not be a problem.  Speak to your oncologist about it.  I also wore a mask on flight but got a wee bit uncomfortable after a while and took it off for a bit.


i was glad to make the journey. it as I was coming home lol.  

Make sure your travel insurance is valid . enjoy if you go x x