Should i reconstruct??

Hi everyone,

I really need some advice on which option to go for -
Remove breasts and dont have reconstruction or have reconstruction.

My doctor says that as i have 34a size breasts now, it wont make a huge difference (physically) I know mentally its another thing entirely.
The reconstruction sounds awful, and ive gone all squeamish about it!

I’m single, and thats my biggest worry, if i do meet someone in the future (it is possible) at what point do you say, oh btw, ive no breasts? I imagine however lovely he is, its going to be a huge turn-off!
But having said that, i dont want fake boobs with no nipples! I’m seriously considering being tattooed from neck to navel!

Advice from you lovely’s would be wonderul, thanks in advance

Firstly I am appalled by the doctor’s comment - how can he/she say there is very little difference between no breasts and a pair of breasts, whatever their size. It is a HUGE difference, both psychologically and physically.
I had a delayed recon - wasn’t allowed an immediate one - and have never regretted it. In fact it is one of the best things I have ever done.
Having said that, it is such a personal decision. You have to go with your gut feeling here, no-one else can tell you what to do.

Hi Roadrunner

Nine weeks ago i had reconstructive surgery and reduction to the breast i still had, best thing i did, always wanted to have reconstruction from the time i was diagnosed. i too am single and wondered how ad whenyou tell someone “ive only got one breast” I had to wait till a year after radiotherapy had finished before my surgeon would do it and i was so excited to get two boobs back and perkier and smaller than i had been. Mine was done by DIEP, using my excess tummy fat, so got a tummy tuck in the process. I am so happy i went through it, it was a seven hour op but i didnt care, i was asleep afterall, but i had no pain afterwards, just a bit sore when i first moved out of bed but that got easier to do.
Every morning when i get out of the shower i look in the mirror and the biggest smile comes over my face, i love my new boobs, they are so perky, even in size in shape and the best bit is i have two again and look like a woman again.
You have to do what is right for you, not what other people think, its more about the psychological side of it than how you look outwardly to others. Oh and when they are reconstructed once everythings settled down they can create a new nipple for you and then tattoo the areola on for you and having seen them they look so real, i will be doing this in a few months.
Hope this helps

Nelly b, your doctor was rather insensitive to make such a comment. I’m 32a and my friend said to em, whilst I was decIdo g, that it really doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, they are your boobs !!
its a massive decision, but I would advise you to talk to your bc nurse, who can arrange you to look at photos and even meet others who have had recon.
i had mx and implant recon with tissue expander, one week ago. It’s not been easy, but I’m really pleased. I seriously thought about having a prosthetic, but I know I made the rot choice, even though I need more surgery for a final RSI,t.

my only option was implant, as I didn’t have enough if my own tissue for anything eelse good luck
Z x


Like Zuleika I had a double MX with implants and mesh reconstruction, I had my op on 25th July and it is taking me some time to recover, I could have had just a single MX but had DCIS in both and decided to have op to reduce risks. It was a very hard decision and one I didn’t take lightly. I am in a relationship and did worry about how my partner would feel about me afterwards, He was brilliant, he didn’t try to influence my decision but said he didn’t care how I looked as long as I was okay. I went to see my surgeon (who is fab) yesterday and was told taht although there was more DCIS in both breasts it has now be removed and I don’t need anymore treatment, Yippee! My new breasts are not the same as my old ones, they do feel hard but I a getting used to them and intend to have nipples built in 6 months time. Although I am still recovering and it has been hard, I know I have made the right decision for me. That 's what you need to think - what is best for you. At the end of the day we are all going through this to stop the cancer and then get on woth our lives. I have been lucky that my cancer was very early and very treatable and as the doctor said to me some months ago, this will not affect the rest of your life, just the next few months. I know I will have to learn to love my new breasts, but having this surgery has given me the chance to live a normal life. I agree taht you should talk to your BCN, Mine was great very warm and knowledgable. Best wishes to you.

As someone recoving from my second reduction/scar revision of my diep left to match my petite normie right, it was vexing for a PS to make a small breast and get it right. Apparently, they are as difficult as very large breast. I was not going to get what many think of as an ‘enhancement’. I like being small and that is who I am. Good luck with your decision Nelly, and please, get a 2nd opinon from another PS, who has a much better attitude and ability to bring about a skillful outcome that will please YOU.
LB, x

Hi Nelly,

I echo what others have said about your doctor; just a bit rubbish. Was it your Oncologist or your surgeon? If it was your surgeon, I would be inclined to seek out another. If he/she can’t do a recon that looks different to no recon then they shouldn’t be operating.

I can understand your feeelings about the surgery. I am not keen to have any more and I had single Mx, so I would prefer to match. If you have the option of getting the Mx and the recon at the same time it might be worth considering, as you are having surgery anyway. It gets less appealing once you know what it is like and you get fed up of being “ill”. Your comment about the tattoo is interesting - have you seen the controversial one that kept being taken off facebook?

Here’s an interesting article about the subject too:

I think this is really interesting. Having boobs is not the only way to be beautiful and sexy. Not sure how serious your remark was about the tattoo, but it could really be an altermative. Good luck making the choice that is right for you, x

You know I’m still quite shocked when I read of the insensitive things that some of the so called professionals spout!
Recon is a very personal thing, and only you can make that decision.
I’m over a year now from my recon - double mx with immediate DIEP - and like LB have just had my second revision. I’ve not regretted my decision in having recon nor my choice of recon for one moment, I have a gorgeous pair of breasts, complete with recon nipples.
That said, many women live happily breast free…
Sue x

Hi, thanks everyone.

Im having mx & recon all at the same time so thats something. I told my bcn what my surgeon said & she was seriously p**** off!! The next time i saw him, he was much nicer :slight_smile:

I had recon first time round, had DCIS some 13 years ago, but, not the best decision, as I should have left it, to get my head round Ihad BC!!!b ecame depressed… however, this time round, 2 nd side… yup, got it again,  was in different place, and recon immediatly. it is UP TO YOU, no rules, and can always have a recon later in the day. 

YAY, no further treatment needed, following DCIS and mastectomy, and other side, tidied up with a new implant and lipo suction. To have photograph taken of new boobs for my consultants patients.after 3 weeks, still have under arm discomfort following lobe biopsy, but am I led to believe it can go on for some time?