Should I still feel this tired...!!!???

I finished my 6 x FEC back in August and started on Tamoxifen and went back to work in September, I’m an Admin Officer in a school. I’ve been doing mornings only but have just started to increase my day by an extra hour a day this week. So far this week I’ve been shattered and dozing off about 8.00-8.30 pm (except tonight when flaming night sweats keeping me awake again!!)… I’m hoping its a combination of sleepless nights (due to night sweats) and the extra hours that’s making me so tired… I know it’s only been a few months since finishing chemo but will I ever stop feeling so tired… x

Hi Sallyshelly

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Hi Sallyshelly

                      Im afraid to say the answer is yes :frowning: Im 2years 9 months from dx and I still get really tired it is better than say a year ago but certain things exhaust me, like a day of housework or a few extra hours at work, I suffer terribly with hot flushes and they drain me as well and also like you I dont sleep very well and can be awake on and off all night and times, I never sleep through the whole night, so I think it is a combination of things that cause the tiredness, as I say it does get better BUT i think it will take a long time to feel near normal again, good luck