Should I try a new hair brand?


I’m going to use wigs again because of the alopecia. I had tried Yolissa Hair two years ago for daily new styles. Their hair is good and the price is nice for me. But now there are so many new brands with massive YTB reviews.I am not sure which hair brand is reliable now. Anyone can give me sincere advice? Should I try a new hair brand or I’d better still try Yolissa Hair?

Hi Abby, I’m not sure where you’re going with this as for me it’s a really personal choice. I went into a wig shop and tried different ones until I found one that felt really comfortable and looked like my own style. I didn’t look at ‘brands’, but I took the advice of the sales assistant and choose one on a lace cap which had been hand threaded. I am in the NE so my wig was free on the NHS. I was given a prescription by my Onco and was entitled to any synthetic wig within the shop. I personally would never rely on other people for something so life affirming, nor would I buy on the internet without first trying. Looking good and well groomed, including our hairstyle, is so important to our view of ourselves. It may be different in other NHS trusts, but my wig was quite pricey  and looked great.