Should I worry

Hiya I’m new here - I visited the gp today as I thought I felt a lump two week ago after noticing what looked like a dimple.

there is a lump it’s regular feeling in shape and somewhat moveable - so the nurse was really positive and I have been referred to the clinic on the 2ww… there’s a cancellation so I’m getting seen tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face: which is good as it means hopefully only one sleepless night - 

thanks for listening 

Hiyer Fusu,

Thats a really good quick turnaround for you - being seen tomorrow after seeing the GP today ! Well Done for getting yourself along to the GP so promptly as well after finding a potential change. If only all appointments and waits were at that length, it would be so much easier for anybody being checked for breast changes. I hope you are able to get some answers straight away from the mammo/ultrasound, as the radiographers are skilled at seeing what is benign and what needs further investigation. Is it a one-stop clinic where you see the consultant and they can do biopsies there and then if they are needed ? Hopefully, you won’t be needing to have that done, but don’t be shocked and surprised if they do one - as unless they are totally and utterly sure from the images then they don’t leave anything to chance. 

Do let us know how you get on, wishing you a good outcome.