Should my Breast Care Nurse still be key point of contact after treatment has finished

I have the booklet top ten tips after treatment but as yet have no treatment or follow up plan - 2 months after last treatment - what should I expect and who do I turn to


Should my breastcare nurse still be key point of contact I went in today to see Plastic Surgeon had a nurse sit with us who never even told us her name

Hey booksandwine, yes you should still be in contact with your Macmillan nurse throughout all your treatments. You should have been appointed one from the get go. So I’d advice you to ring them. How far are you with your treatment? Two years down the line I still speak to my nurse whether it’s in concern with treatments or just for a chat. Please get in touch with someone that’s what they are there for. Xx


Think you may need to check local policy. My onc has discharged me to self care, with access via BCNs if i have concerns. My relationship with BCN is odd, sometimes she is good, others like at my final review (for which i had completed a questionaire which she dismissed) i found her lacking and that was not the first time i left with this feeling . More fool me for not confronting earlier, and ensuring i got all i needed from the appt.

I finished my treatment in December 2014 and saw my surgeon on 2 January 2015.  I now have an appointment with my surgeon in December 2015 and an appointment with my oncologist in December 2016.  I should have a mammogram in October but no appointment has come through yet.  That is my follow-up treatment.  I still have slight swelling from three operations and hard scar tissue so it is difficult to self examine.  Think I will just go to my GP and get them to examine me. 

I am still in contact with my Specialist Breast nurse, and I’m sure glad I am. She has been invaluable in helping me with issues that I wasn’t prepared to talk with a gp with about, much quicker through the nurse as she can get you seen whatever it is you need. I was meant to be referred to the Open Access Unit, where you’re not on an automatic appointment system, you contact them as and when you want something. But they won’t put me on it just yet as I’m having checks done for the Oestrogen Inhibitors/Thyroxine Drug, as they don’t seem to like each other!! I am at the moment trying to decide whether to contact her regarding painful and scary head pains, I’m just not keen on any scans that you have to put your head into!! If they find  a brain then I guess that’s a bonus!!x

The last couple of issues I’ve had, I have contacted my BCN. She got me sorted each time and quicker than the gp. The last issue I had at my gp, he actually told me to speak to my BCN as it would be quicker than him referring me. M x