Should we be using names of dead friends?

Hi, this is a sensitive issue that I would like to discuss with other posters on here, without any upset. Do you think people should be able to pick user names that are very similar to others. I have 2 examples that I have found a bit of a shock. The first was when I saw the name one of our dead friends on here being used again. I was close as we had exactly the same treatment on the same day and this was of great comfort to me, even though we never managed to meet in person. We posted on our thread for 4 years until she passed away unexpectedly, as the treatments had taken a toll on her heart and so it was a horrible shock when we just heard she had gone. I won’t state her username on here as I would not wish to upset the lady who unknowingly is using it now. The yesterday, another poor lady died, whose username was Peacock. Our friend posts as peacock, with just the capital letter as the difference. This has meant that our friend has seen posts from people shocked, thinking she had died suddenly. It also means the friends of the lady posting as Peacock, will see peacock posting still.
The moderators have not picked this up from our thread so I would like to bring this up for general discussion as I feel this is an important and emotional issue. What do you think?
Thank you, best wishes to all, especially the friends of the lady who have got caught up in this and to our peacock too. Lily x

Hi Lily,
Personally I feel that usernames should the taken ad infinitum, so they can’t be re-used. I also think they should not be case sensitive, which would have prevented the Peacock/peacock situation you highlight.
When I signed up I chose Lisa79 as it’s my name and birthyear; I think Lisa had been taken (or was it Lisa33, I can’t remember). I thought it was fairly specific to me, although of course there other Lisas born in 1979 who might want to sign up - tough I got there first! But I think it would be misleading if someone signed up as lisa79 (no capitals) or Lisa1979, whether they were aware of my (account’s) existence or not - but how far should for system go? How dissimilar must a username be in order to be accepted by the system when someone signs up?
I think when people sign up they more than likely won’t know if they are choosing the same or similar name to an existing or past user. Their handle often has a different or deeper significance to people already on the site. So unless the system has a way of checking and preventing it here could be many instances similar to those highlighted.
I think it would be better if the system prevented new sign-ups where only capitalisation is different, ie usernames should not be case sensitive. That way (for example) Peacock and peacock wouldn’t both be able to register, only whoever did so first, and the confusion is avoided. I wonder if (should enough people agree) the BCC moderators can put a system change in place? At least that would protect the usernames in use now going forward. But I’m not sure how far it should go in preventing, for example, Lisa79 variants!
I’ll be interested to read what other posters think too.

Hi there, yes I too was confused for a while at the weekend. I’ve also seen late friend’s user names suddenly being used by new people and it’s a bit of a shock at first. I guess this will happen more often. I agree perhaps making usernames not case sensitive would help and perhaps we should all be encouraged to make our avatars very much our own? not that I’m leading by example at the moment. :slight_smile:

Speaking from experience, I think the Admin team are trying to sort this out quite rightly so. Similar names/numbers shouldn’t be allowed so hopefully this won’t happen again in the future.
It was quite a shock to me that people were saying RIP to me and it wasn’t me

Hi all,

This problem has been brought to the attention of our technical team and apologise to you all if this has caused any upset. Hopefully when the new forum system comes on line this issue should not arise. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention.

Kind regards,

Jo, Facilitator

Surely there’s a feature in the profile process to check for duplication? Is the concern that it doesn’t pick up changes in capitalisation or spelling or different numbers? I suppose it would have been good manners for me to check the search engine to see if there was anyone else with my name. Perhaps admin could insert a step where you check to see which names are taken. I think I’ve seen this on other sites.

Hi, thank you for responding to this as evidence of more voices tend to bring about change. Lisa we have a Lisa on our thread too and I agree we will have similar names but this was a bit too close, in my opinion. Also most people will be entering the forum for the first time stunned by having cancer and be more focused on getting registered so they can seek support. In this case maybe the forum has the resposibility of guiding new people more. I think this is what Penny is suggesting could happen in future. We have a lot of fragile people on here and not all could cope with the RIP notices that peacock saw, it would have spooked me a bit. I am dismayed at the mention of another new forum system, dare I hope it won’t collapse and leave us offline and unable to post as has happened every other time we had a new system? Each new system lost so many posters and was insufficiently planned and tested before going live. I do hope you employed someone who knows what they are doing this time and not the same ones who failed in every previous change. Yours hopefully Lily