shoulder xray

Hi I was diagnosed oct 2007 with lobular cancer after previously diagnosed with LCIS. Had double mastectomy followed by immediate recon on good side. Then developed infection which delayed chemo and radiotherapy. Finished all treatment June 2008 and had recon on cancer side Nov 08. Thought that was it but I am still having fluid drained from back 11 months on. Was told that they got a good clearance from tumours (had 2 ) no lymph node involvement and didnt need radiotherapy but i chose to have it. For about 10 weeks I have had a dull pain and clicking in my shoulder told consultant who sent me for X ray and was called back in and referred for a bone scan as something has shown up. I am so scared of what they are going to tell me. They did say Xray was inconclusive and could be arthritis but brought in macmillan nurse and so i am fearing the worse. Has anyone else had anything this and it turned out to be nothing. Sorry to go on a bit but havent been on here for almost 12 months. thanks Sandra

Hi I also forgot to say that blood test that i ahd at same time as Xray was normal and that I go for my results for bone scan on Tues. Love Sandra

Hi Sandra, I am sorry that you are having to wait for your results of your bone scan. The waiting for results is a horrible thing to have to cope with. I had a different kind of breast cancer and treatment to you but have had many bone scans over the years. Once you have got your results let me know how you got on, and if I can be of any help at all we can take it from there. I have been dealing with BC for 20 years now so I know exactly what you are going through right now. There are many people on theis site who will be able to support you through all this. Keep in touch. Love Val (Scottishlass|) X

Hi Val thanks for your reply it is good to talk to someone who understands. I have convinced myself I am on a death sentence and just think that things have gone too far even though I mentioned pain after 4 weeks. I now I keep worrying over other little aches and pains and my fizzy face that I probably wouldnt have noticed before. Its people like you who are an inspiration to us and make us realise that you can carry on. love sandra

Glad I could be of help. Please let us know how the results go tomorrow. There is nothing that uyou can do to turn back the clock so it is just a case of waiting now to see what the experts say. I hate the waiting more than the treatment! I will look out for posts. One day at a time Sandra…it is hard…but you will get there in the end. Love Val (Scottish lass). You can send a private message if you prefer. XX

Hi just to let you know my bone scan came back normal. I could not believe what I was hearing as I had convinced myself that it was bone mets. Even waiting at the clinic was torture as it was the oncologist (who I havent seen since chemo days) and Macmillan nurse that walked into the room to tell me, so I naturally feared the worst. I am so grateful to this site and realise that there are many of you going through what I have just gone through and I wish you luck and that your results come back ok. I have made a decision to keep visiting this site even when things are going ok as the support you get and can give to others is invaluable. Thanks again Sandra x x

Hi Sandra, I am so pleased that your results were good and you do not have anything to worry about now. It must be a great relief for you and your family. Thanks for getting back to us as it is just as important to hear good news as well as not so good news. I hope you have a glass (or two) of wine tonight to celebrate. Love Val X

Great news.Let it sink in,take a deep breath then celebrate!!!
No-one can understand the terror that waiting for results can bring.