Showering after Surgery

Hi ladies I hope you can help me.
How soon after lumpectomy with mammoplasty and SNR can I have a shower? I don’t have any dressings or steri strips on my wounds just a clear glue. I had my surgery Friday 12th October and have just been washing using a flannel but I really want a ‘proper wash’ .

Hi MrsS
I had my dressings off on day 2 and was told it was okay to shower, provided I didn’t get it too wet. Showering standing sideways, so your wound is away from the water flow should be fine. I did this for the first week and then showered normally.
I hope this helps, but check with your BCN if you’re unsure.

I was told to wait a week till I could take the dressings off.


So hair washing over the bath and strip washing  with a flannel  was the thing for me.


That first shower was brilliant (though did avoid the  spry on the sore bits!