Sick note whilst undergoing the radiotherapy part of treatment



Feeling a little stressed today kick start my radiotherapy tomorrow?  


Just called into my gp surgery to ask for a sick note for the period of radiotherapy as due to travelling and appointment times I cannot go into work.  Was told by the receptionist that they dont do sick notes for that I would need to get one from hospital.


I was off work over xmas due to surgery and had a sick note for that from my gp, then I decided to go back to work in between treatment now I feel I should have stayed off but I am not that type of person.


Anyone else had any experience of getting a sick note and if so how did it go for you.


I am stressed and this is now whittling on my mind, sorry I know on the grand scale this is a minor thing so sorry to go on.



I would suggest making an appointment to see your GP, bypassing the receptionist and speak to the GP directly about having a sick note to cover the period that you will be undergoing rads.


Good luck tomorrow, like everything we go through during our treatment, it is the unknown that makes us anxious but once you have the first one under your belt you will be fine.


Make sure you take in plenty of fluids every day as this will help with the dehydration effects of the rads which can cause fatigue.  Also moisturise regularly and just listen to your body, you will get there.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx


I had my Radiotherapy today, went well, did not feel anything. I was in the room for an hour, 45 mins to position me, 15 mins for treatment. 

You can get the sicknote from oncology as well as your GP, I’m seeing the GP tomorrow for a sicknote. 


I got my sick note for rads from my GP, as Helena says, get a GP appointment & bypass the receptionist. The hospital advised me that the GP did sick notes & I had no problem with it. I also kept to the same GP for my bc related stuff, which has worked well. 

You will get this sorted, you have to have one. 

ann x


Good morning, firstly lots of luck with your treatment hope all goes well. Re sick note your GP receptions is not medical trained to give you advised, please asked to speak to the practice manager

and I sure this will get sorted very quickly-our GP need to give all cancer patients more time and not pass us back to the hospital.


lots of luck and happiness ??