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Has anyone else been told by their employer that they need a return to work sick note from their Gp to ascertain that they are fit for work? I intend to go back to work on Monday after 9 months off and my employer is insisting i return with this form, but Gp is saying that they do not sign people off the sick anymore. The fact that you do not require any more sick notes is evidence of your fitness and ability to work. Would be greatful for anyone elses views on this situation?


I don’t know the legal situation but I’ve only ever needed a back to work form when I returned to work before the sick note ran out. Have you told your employer what your GP said? Do you have an occupational health advisor - they should be able to help you and it might be wise to have an assessment by them anyway!

Good luck.


Yes its just a signing off note to say your fit. Its just so your employer can put it on file. Its just standard practice to state your fit for work.



My GP supplied on request, through the post, a monthly sign-off saying just “chemotherapy”. When I felt I could return to work I just went back when the last certificate had expired.

I wasn’t aware of any “fit to work” certificate or “get back to your desk you lazy wench” assessments.

I’ve probably not conformed to policy or standard but that’s me! And in any case I am overcome with indifference to work, these days my Priority No 1 is survival and although I need to make a living by working, work is down the list of “things I like to do”. Sure as hell hasn’t been therapeutic, or a distraction from BC but I just accept I’m now an alien who has BC, on a planet where the rest of them don’t. I’m special …

I work in HR. The only time we would be asking for confirmation of fitness to return to work would be in the case where the person has had something wrong that could be directly affected by their normal work - for example someone who has had heart or back problems and their work involves lifting.

Sharon x

Hi Sharon,

I also work in HR and our company ask us to have a signing off note to state we are fit for work.
Guess its down to the individuals employer.

Hope all are well.