Sick Pay

Hi, can anyone advise me? I had a meeting with my area manager a few weeks ago, and she clearly said that i will get 6 months full sick pay that wont run out until the end of December. I have spoken to HR and asked for this in writing. Today i have had an email from HR stating that i will only get full sick pay until 15th November and that i am only entitled to 5 months as only worked there for just over 5 and a half years. i have worked in the nhs since qualifying in 2001, and as a student nurse before that since 1998. I went off sick on the 15th july when my chemo started. This is typical, just what i need before changing to docetaxel tomorrow. Why cant things be straight forward??
any advice welcomed greatly.

Hi Anna

I work for the NHS too and from what I understand, if you’ve worked for NHS for over 10 years, you get 6 months full, then 6 months half pay. so if you’ve been a student since 1998, you’re over 10 years constant service. I was sure this including training time if you were on a bursery not a student pay. check your contract and ask to speak to manager in HR. Don’t just accept what they say as they do get things wrong!

also, as far as I understand it, it’s also up to your manager and can be discretionary so if your relationship with them is good, maybe you could discuss this with them. As, you will be feeling the effects of chemo for at least a year after finishing, I did! So you may need more than 6 months anyway. Are occupational health involved too?

let me know how things go - it’s crap having to worry about all this when going through chemo


Hi Anna

Sorry to hear you are having to cope with this worry on top of everyhing else. I am a social worker but our conditions are similar to NHS and I agree with Hannah’s post. Have you discussed this with your union perhaps they can support you through this?

Hope you get this sorted out quickly.

Anne xx

Hi, thanks for the replies. I emailed her back and it seems that they had all details wrong, they are looking into this and hopefully going to ammend this. She also said that she will speak to her business partner (didnt realise they had them in the nhs) and see if when my pay is due to go to half pay, they can pay me my annual leave owing, (her suggestion not mine) which i thought was nice. Hopefully it will get sorted and it will be one less thing to worry about. I have my first docetaxel tomorrow so rather edgey about that too, (well a complete scaredy cat) so the less worries the better.
thanks for the advice
take care

under agenda for change if you have 5 hears service you will get the full sick leave/pay benefits of 6 moths full pay 6 months half.

as you did your nurse training in university then you werent employed by the nhs you were a student at uni and not entitled to any benefits based on this… however if you had any previous nhs experience like being an auxiliary before you did your nursing course that should be included.

however if you qualified in 2001 and have been working for the nhs since then you should get the full benefits as its over 5 years even if you changed jobs or trusts… however if some of it was in private sector then you may not meet the minimum criteria.

and good luck with your taxotere.

thanks lulu, and thanks for the good wishes for chemo, id be lying if i said i wasnt scared, its got to be done though
take care