Sick Pay

Hi All
Boy am I in a mess and can’t stop crying! My sick note runs out 5th Sept, when I was hoping to return to work (struggling a bit with tiredness & fatigue) I’ve just had my wageslip and they’re only paying me £405 ssp for the month. I thought I got full pay for 26 weeks but apparently it’s only 13 weeks! Ive been on the sick for 16 weeks to date. The mess I’m in is how do I pay rent, bill & live etc…when my money gets paid in the bank tomorrow the direct debits will eat it up (and that’s not including rent) I have no savings to fall back on. I’m going to be in such a mess for the next 2 months and I don’t know what to do…


Hi Foxy10 have you contacted MacMillan? I will only receive SSP when my treatment starts so they have given me loads of guidance regarding applying for help with rent and Council Tax, through benefits and if you’re not quite ready to return to work when that runs out there is a payment called PIP that you can apply for. You can then still work for 15 hours whilst in receipt of housing and Council tax benefit if you are wanting to gradually return to work and ease yourself in gently. They were honestly so helpful! Best of luck.

Hi Alabama. Yes rang Macmillan’s, they were so helpful. I’ve now applied for this new all in one benefit Univeral Credits and Council Tax, and the Macmillan lady is even applying for a grant for me, which I didn’t even know existed.
Yes apparently this new benefit you scan your wage slip every month and they adjust payment up or down. At least now I go back work on phase return if I need to :slight_smile:
Thanks for replying
Foxy10 x

Hi Foxy just wanted to send a hug as money worries are horrendous 

it certainly is! On top of everything else I’m an Emotional mess at the minute :frowning:
Thank you for the hug Bondgirl :slight_smile: much appreciated xx

Foxey I so sympathize.I seem to spend much of my time thinking and worrying about money, brought more home to me now I know I cant get insurance or money coming in should this reoccur.As I’m worn out at work practically every day, I’m reminded of the possibility of not being able to work muvh longer.Hang in there, gal, youre not alone.xx