Sick with worry

Hello. Last January I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Grade IDC with no lymph or vascular involvement. I had a lumpectomy followed by 15 seasons of radiotherapy and am now on Tamoxifen. My one year check in January was clear but last week I felt a lump in the same breast underneath along the bra line. I saw a Dr at the breast clinic on Friday who initially said it felt like a cyst but when she tried to drain it only a small amount of blood and pus came out. She has now referred me for an urgent ultrasound and has sent the liquid she got out for analysis. She did mention that she thought it might be an infected cyst but I can find nothing about such a thing online. I am so scared that it is malignant lump or a complex cyst with malignant cells in it. My initial diagnosis was a huge shock as I had no palpable lump, it was discovered at a screening. Any advice words of comfort would be much appreciated.

Hi Fluff,
I would have thought an infected cyst could certainly be quite likely & would explain it, but as ever, it has to be checked out for certain - although not good for the anxiety of course!
Anyway, there’s nothing more you can do now & hopefully the appointment will come through quickly & chances are, it’s not likely to be bc related.
ann x

Thank you Ann. Your words brought me comfort. The waiting and not knowing is always the hardest. Hopefully I will hear about my appointment tomorrow. X