Side effects cycle by cycle - do they get worse!

Hi ladies

I am coming to near the end of cycle one of AC. I had a few days of manageable nausea at the start, a few treatable cystitis and the standard fatigue which was helped by exercise/some days I just needed to nap!!

Just wondering if people found they got similar side effects with each cycle or if they got additional ones/got worse as it went on? 

Well done on getting through your first chemo relatively unscathed. The problem is, as ever, each patient responds differently. The cyclophosphamide is pretty strong stuff and, in my combination (EC), wiped me out and led to worse.

I would think that if you carry on as you are doing, working through the fatigue in that sensible way, you may find things stay the same BUT always be prepared for something different and don’t be discouraged if things do get worse. Your body may adapt to the drugs or protest at the cumulative effects but it can’t be predicted.

The most important thing is to monitor your temperature and do as you are instructed. If it hits 38C, never mind the paracetamol, ring the oncology emergency line and follow their instructions. It’s never a waste of precious resources. Things can change in a matter of hours so be prepared, have your bag packed and to hand - and hopefully you’ll not need to use it. Good luck with the rest of your treatment xx

It will more than likely get worse since chemo effects are cumulative. However, since you’ve started out so good at your first cycle it more than likely means you’ll get worse at a predictable timeframe. For instance with me I started off great but a typical timeframe meant I’d start to feel quite fatigued in my third cycle which is exactly when it hit and like dog crap on my fourth which was my last treatment. And that’s exactly what occurred. However, my oncologist told me by four weeks after my last chemo I’d start feeling much better. And that’s also what occurred. By seven weeks I was pretty much back to normal with a little bit of lingering muscle soreness that completely dissipated by nine weeks. So yes it will get worse but you’re probably just going to be average since you’ve started off great with it which is lovely. So ask your oncologist what to expect and when and more than likely that will be exactly what happens. 

Hi, I just had my third AC on Thursday and was dreading it however it’s not been as bad mainly as I know what to be looking out for. I had bad constipation last time which caused me a mare and a lot of pain so I’ve been having 2-3 Laxido a day and they have worked like a normal bowel movement (sorry to much info) and I have taken extra metroclopromide a couple of times. I have drunk lots of water, ginger beer and juice, and have rested a lot on days 1-3. Apart from that I think all is ok so try not to worry xx here if you need a chat x