Side effects Hereceptain



Hope someone can help. I have been on hereceptain since January initially given with chemo which finished in March. Since had two given on their own . About 4 weeks ago began to suffer from some grim side effects I put this down to Letrazole at the time phoned BC nurses who took me off of Letrazole . So 10 days later side effects are still there so thinking not Letrazole but hercetptain.

Currently suffering from:

Excruciating joint pain every joint

Puffy hands

Numbness in fingers and toes

Itchy shins like chilbains.


Bc nurses advised piriton and pain killers but that is not the answer is it. We have had enough crap pumped into us.


Any advice very welcome. These side effects make me feel very low. 

Thank you in advance.

I have some joint and shin pain which may be from Herceptin but I don’t see any problem with taking either Piriton or painkillers (in moderation). Piriton’s been round for decades and you can buy the generic version very cheaply. I’d try taking the advice you’ve been given and see if that solves your problem. Good luck.

Get some Claritin hay fever tablets, this is why: