Hi people, I hope you are all doing ok out there and wondered if any of you share my experiences.   I was switched 12 months ago after 4 years from Tamoxifen to Anastrazole.   I have some side effects of joint pain and hot flushes etc but I can live with them.   Now, whilst I’m very glad to be here and dont want to make too much of an issue out of this, I have noticed it is progressively harder to keep my weight stable although I eat a really careful nutritious diet and go to the gym, its creeping up on me.   Also I have noticed a lessening of muscle tone on my upper arms thighs and belly which is really disappointing me.   It is becoming less easy to wear fitted dresses and whilst I am still wearing sleeveless tops I am ever more conscious of the cellulitey appearance of my arms.   I do weights and resistance at the gym to keep firm but it all seems to no avail.   Has anyone else got similar experiences and do you know if this might improve in due course when I stop taking the meds?    I dont like to make a huge issue out of it but I do like to be able to wear nice summer outfits on holiday and I would love to know what everyone else experiences.   Is it just me??

Hi Cassy… I am on Letrozole but already had cellulite and batwings so can’t comment! lol it is horrid all the changes we have to contend with. I don’t think I have heard of this being in side effects but worth looking into so you can change the brand or prescription. good luck and keep doing what you’re doing. love x

Hi CassyR


I was on Anasatrozole for about a year, after being on Tamoxifen. At the moment I’m trying Letrozole, because of the hot flushes. It hasn’t made any difference, in maybe even worse!

Anyway, one thing I’ve noticed is bloating, or water retention, I’m not sure which, on both of them. Weight wise, on the scales, my weight isn’t too bad, I’ve worked hard to lose the 2 stone on put on by changing my diet and exercise. But my rings are still tight, and I notice ankle straps are the same. I can only put it down to the meds. Don’t know if that helps at all xx

What way are you struggling Judi? I’m on them…can’t decide if I’m depressed or its the pills! No real difference to joints etc x Lorna x

Didn’t know about cholesterol! Better get it checked thanks x oh the joys! Lorna x

Lol know how you feel! So in be over…nearly a month since I finished x

Well done cat…you should be very proud of yourself x