Side effects of Letrozole

Hi, I have just finished my last chemo and about to start 5 weeks of radiotherapy in a couple of weeks time. I was given Letrozole by my consultant and warned that one side effect is Osteoporosis. I have a dog which, when I am back to normal, will walk for an hourly daily so I am hoping this will help. Are there any other exercises I should be doing? I have bought Osteocare liquid to help maintain strong bones. I will increase my intake of dairy products. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you.

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Hi Jachop, I am pretty much in the same position as you, Had chemo, mx and Rads planning on Friday, so probably starting in next couple of weeks, my consultant put me on Letrozole and has given me calciom tablets to take twice daily, I am going for a bone density scan today to check what state my bones are in at the start so they can compare them in the future. I was not given any advice about diet, I thought eating a lot of dairy was not a good idea as there are hormones in dairy, which Letrozole is trying to stop.The exercise sounds like a good plan though.

I had to come off the calcium tablets as they were putting too much calcium in my blood. I have been told to each as much (low fat) dairy as possible to get extra calcium, even though im er+.

I’m at a similar stage and I asked my GP about all of this yesterday. He’s organising a density scan, and says depending on that, I may or may not need calcium. His view was that if the bones are normal, they’ll keep an eye on them and we need take no further action. He said there was a pre-osteoporosis stage (osteopeona or something like that) and if I developed that, I’d need calcium. If I developed osteoporosis, I’d need calcium and a drug that encourages bones to fuse/knit together. He said it could be reversed…Wonder what Onc will say when I see him next month? Jane

Hi ladies, just got back from having bone density scan, she said my bones are completely normal, but to carry on with the calcium, I think it depends on where you live.