side effects off tax

i had my 1st tax on thursday and wondered if i could run by you what im feeling and if its normal?

headache,jaw ache, my throat is the worst. its not like a raw sore throat with a cold its hard to swallow and hurts all the way down when i swallow to chest(hard to explain lol)
cant sleep as knees legs hips and ankles seem achey/restless
legs wobbly going up and down stairs

will it all wear off like with fec?

Hi Lincs Lady

I have had two cycles of tax now and had exaxtly what you are discribing. I had the effects from about day 3 untill dqay 9/10 when it started to wear off.

athougth I think it is normal I would mention it to your Docs when you see them as they might asjust the dose - they reduced mine after the first dose.

Good luck


thankyou for quick reply

the throat is the worst
i see onc next tuesday so i will write the side effects down so i dont forget
good to know its not just me


Your SEs are very similar to mine on Taxotere.

I found ice lollies helped with the sore throat.



I had the same side effects - plus it felt like a red hot poker up the bum… lol they can give you liquid saliva (it is a spray) to try and help your mouth and throat…


it hurts right round my jaw to my ears when i swallow
but at least im not being sick lol

Hi there

Just wanted to add that I experienced all that you describe. I am now 3 months on from my last Tax and all of those side effects went away quite quickly afterwards - probably about 3 weeks.

I had the sore throat going right down through to the bowel (think it’s called mucositis)and that did leave me prone to severe indigestion something I’d never experienced before. A couple of weeks ago I got lanzoprazole from my GP to take for 3 weeks on a daily basis to help.

I suffer a lot from headaches but these got much worse with Tax including as you describe pain in the jaw. I was prescribed co-codamol which helped. My Onc didn’t want me taking ibuprofen I’m guessing as it is a stomach irritant. I would mention all the side effects to the Onc. My philosophy was take anything that they suggested would help get me through the chemo.

tkae care
Elinda x

glad to know its “normal”
mum going to get me some lollies if she can in the snow!

constipated too though they said id get the other lol

i thought i was doing well with no sickness etc then all this started lol

hopefuly its zapping all the nasties if i feel like this
bed for me today

YES I GOT THOSE SYMPTOMS AS WELL found gaviscon good for middle regions ,and movical for bottom region!!i had last taxotere 2weeks ago ,and symptoms are improving now,apart from burning feelingfrom under rib to stomach,but fingers crossed that will go soon .Ice lollys helped as well unfortunatly plain orange worked better than double choc magnum!!!good luck and take care luv barb xx

Hi Lincs Lady,

Thought I would chip in too - I too had those side effects on Tax. My main problem was mucositis - I had a dreadful cratered, blistered tongue and bad rash on my hands, skin peeling off. I also had the bone pain which kicked in on day 3 and lasted for around 3 days. They reduced my dose to 80% because of the mouth and rash (not because of the aches/pains). The side effects on the second and third dose were better. However I have a nasty lead weight feeling in my stomach - think its prob mega indigestion and the Lansoprazole and gaviscon don’t work!!

Hope you feel better soon
Lynn x

Hi all, I have also just had my first Tax and have had a dodgy stomach since. Had constipation for 3 days and now have diorrheae.

Also have the sore throat thing you describe plus earache and the furry sore tongue. Had really bad chest pains at one point and had to go to a & e.

Day 8 now and just starting to feel a little bit better. Still have bad stomach (swallowed a brick!!) and excrutiatingly painful nether region.

Hope everyone continues to feel better as the days go on.

Debbie. xx

Have heard that Tax can cause some permanent hair loss, is this so does anyone have any news on this? I have 3 sessions to look forward to starting 25 Jan. Am now quite alarmed to hear this. Don’t need any permannt reminders like this after all this chemo!

I heard that too but chose to ignore it and just roll with the flow - Its not as though I am gonna say no tax please ! I Start tax on Monday after 4 x Epi and yes worried but I’m sure it will be fine in the long run - finish chemo on 15 March so roll on that day !

hi all just to say had my first tax yesterday and feel much less sick than with Epi (good !) but really quite grim - don’t know how to describe it other than that really - I will take all the medication they have given me loads of painkillers so I guess that they expect me to get some bone pain.

I had an injection to administer to my tummy today and fortunately I have a good pal who is a nurse so she did it for me - think it is to boost my WBC but I didn’t get into details - I just do what I’m told…

The water is off here cause the Big Freeze is turning to the Big Thaw and there are lots of burst pipes - just what I need on post chemo week ! also OH pranged the car on the way home last night :frowning: but hey ho I’m feeling too crap to moan about it.

Off to bed but I will keep you posted. R xx

RECS I only had to have 2 of the GCSF injections in cycle 7 and 8 of my chemo to give my WBC a boost and I can honestly say the pain from those was worse than the TAX. I did wise and when I had to have No 2 I dosed up on tramadol. It doesn’t affect some people but the pain I had took my breath away.

Good luck, take the pills and have long soaks in the bath

Still no water in the house so no washing facilities or indeed anything other than snow to flush the loo ! not good when you are in day 3 post chemo :slight_smile: not much I can do but moan.

Feeling a bit better today -the past 2 days I have only wanted to be out of the way from everyone else so I went to bed - with the dog ! My nails are sore this morning and I have raging thrush which is not shifting despite the fluconozole and the nystatin - it’s not the worst thing in life but it doesn’t help you feel any better - a shower would be great but I know I will lose all my hair when Scottish Water do actually decide to fix the water situation so not really looking forward to that - I’m moulting like a dog with mange to be honest it’s not a good look.

Moan Moan Moan - sorry …

hi Recs, you are so allowed to moan, it must be a nightmare without water, especially the way you are feeling

take care, sending you a hug

Carol xx

hi everyone - any thoughts on how best to solve the issue of mucositis ? My mouth feels burnt -tingling lips etc - but there are no obvious sores in there - I just can’t swallow solids, liquid is fine and my throat is not sore as such for example it is not sore at the moment or when I drink water/tea/coke eating solids is horrid and I ended up in tears at the dinner table tonight :frowning:

any thoughts appreciated

Hi RECS - it was only after I finished tax that I realised I had been producing much less saliva than normal. I know there are artificial salivas - might be worth asking about that - it might help. I found bread particularly difficult to chew.

I had oral thrush too - the nystatin just about kept it at bay. My GP suggested salt water but found it too sever. Just kept using the Corsodyl which I’d been advised to do by Christies.

The other thing I tried was sucking an ice lolly whilst the tax was being administered. I made my own in a plastic cup and took it in a cool bag.

Hugs to you - I know how you feel.

Clare X