Side effects on docetaxel

Hi guys, 


I had my 6th and final session of docetaxel last week. I may nave overdone it yesterday but just wondered how anyone else felt at this stage. My skin is really sore in areas with little blisters and sores in my nose, side of mouth and eye lids. Finding that I have the odd little blister randomly appear over my body and also my under arms are red raw. I am coping with the side effects but a little disheartened because I feel I can’t get out of the bit. Everything seems to take so long to heal. 

I could only have docetaxel (with carbo) due to issue with my heart and they stopped me after 4 (I should have had 6) so I know what you are going through. You will feel better but it will take a long time. My water retention took two years to finally leave. It is very early on in your recovery so rest a lot and have nourishing food. When you feel up to it start going for walks.