side effects question

Hi, I was just wondering how long side effects can take to come on - do they show pretty soon after taking medications or can it take longer? I started tamoxifen last November and apart from aching knees and  fatigue haven’t been too bad. But the past week I’ve been starting to feel dizzy, especially in the morning and I read on the tablet leaflet that this is a side effect. So I’m not sure if it’s the tablets or something else. Has anyone else experience this?



Hi Helm


I haven’t experienced dizziness but I would have thought that any side effects would have shown themselves before now. Have you recently changed brands? Best to get it checked out.



Hello Helm,
I started taking Tamoxifen last November too. I got side effects within a couple of days but persevered for 4 months. However, in the 4th month, the side effects became much worse. I felt permanently overheated as opposed to numerous hot flashes each day and started to have upsetting bad dreams.
I saw my oncologist and she changed my medication to Anastrozole.
Personally, if you have started to feel dizzy I would get yourself checked out with your GP.
Good luck.
M x
PS. It did surprise me that the side effects suddenly became much worst in the 4th month.