Side effects..what are they??

Hi Everybody

Finished 6 FEC 4 weeks ago. Feel really exhausted by the end of the day and my bones ache. Is this normal? Am having some hot flushes but not too bad and wondered if these could be menopausal symptoms.

Does anyone have any advice?

Jayne xxx

Finished Chemo just over three weeks ago and my symptoms are the same as yours, really achy muscles/bones, tired, and the hot flushes especially at night. Due to start tamoxifen next week. Overall, I feel very emotional and vulnerable I suppose that’s part of changeing to less active treatment in contrast to the whirlwind since feb. X

Hi Jayne,
Well done on getting through the FEC, l have had 3 FEC next 3 will be TAX. Reading the posts we all feel exhausted by the end of the day, I think this is expected with chemo, as well as the emotional rollecoaster side of it!!
with regards to the hot flushes, yes l am getting these, but certainly not menopausal symptoms as far as l am concerned, far too old for that!
Everything crossed for your op in August
Love and Hugs
Sandra xxx

Thanks Sandra and Tina,

Suppose it is to be expected they i will be achey, feel like i have aged 20 years. Makes me laugh at times, good job we can laugh about it…

Yes i think when you come out of chemo fog you do feel more vulnerable and emotional. I have been having some counselling which has helped put things in perspective but can cry at the drop of a hat now, and i do, and have no shame about it. Are you planning on seeing anyone Tina?

Hope your first TAX goes well Sandra, it seems everyones chemo is going fast but it didn’t feel that way going through it myself. Hope the time is passing quickly for you. Feel ready for my op now, had a little holiday.

Love to you both

Jayne xxxx

Hi Jayne well done on finishing chemo. 4 weeks is a very short time to be recovering from what after all are quite toxic chemicals that have been put into our bodies ( if you were having 3 wkly chemo then this is only 1 week longer so we only had barely enough time to recover enough for the next dose in 3 weeks)Did you continue to take the meds that you were taking between chemos? as they are usually given after last chemo too. I was already having hot flushes so these continued. With all the emotioanal turmoil of BC plus possible poor sleep, are you sleeping OK? General knackeredness seems to be the order of the day reading the posts but it doesn’t make it easier to cope with.Wishing you well and hope surgey goes well. Love Jackie

Jayne, I have also got more surgery coming no date yet. Like you I feel so much older, it doesn’t help everyone I look in the mirror my reflection is so different to what I used to look like at the beginning of the year. Few mums on the school run have said now that Chemo is finished at least I can forget about bc now and move on. Perception is after active treatment you are “cured” and move on. Not considered seeing anyone for counselling yet. Hope to get my head around all eventually. Given myself the school holidays off to recover and take things easy for a change. X Tina

Thanks Jackie

Yes am not sleeping well at all. Can’t remember the last time i had a full nights sleep. I did take the meds after the last chemo and think i forget it is only one week over now. Maybe i am being impatient and expecting to feel well now as chemo almost feels like a distant

What else are you having done Tina? Have my mx on the

Yes, sleep is difficult here, too. The hotness keeps waking me up, it’s so unusual for me, usually I was the one sleeping with a big duvet even in the summer! My recon needs finishing, my portacath is coming out and the other side needs matching up. Hope you feel stronger for the 11th!

had my 7th chemo on wed lying in bed 2day every part of my body hurts my hot flushes are not easing either not much sleep 4 me i hope that by the time ive finished the chemo everything else shud run smooth heres wishing have you taken any painkillers for your discornfort i said no matter how much pain or discomfort i hav on my last one i will be so happy inside knowing thats it over how did you feel when you went for yours i keep crying y i dont no

Thanks Tina, hope all goes well with you

Hi Elaine, sorry you are feeling so bad, i always found on day 4-8 i was really emotional, i think the steroids have a lot to do with that. Apart from the fact we are going through a really emotional journey anyway. I was very happy after i had my last chemo, it felt like a relief to be finished. Is that your last one or have you one more? Hope you are feeling a bit better sending you a big hug xxxx

I have just completed my 2nd out of 6 FEC and i too have sore ribs on both sides, feel like they are bruised when I touch them, has anyone else had these symptoms xx

Hi Ladies

I was so pleased to ready your postings it was of some reassurance to me in a funny sort of way. I finished my chemo (3 x fec & 3 tax) 3 weeks ago due to start my radiotherapy Thursday. I got myself in such a state yesterday I was in pain, bones aching, tearful. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling so awful as all my chemo was over, I was thinking the worst what if something was wrong ?. But after reading all the posts its seems am not alone . Still have pain today around my body, feet very sore, but doing my best to keep positive.