Side effects with Adcal

I have been taking Adcal (non chewable) for 18 months now. 2 tablets twice a day. I have just noticed on the side effect on leaflet that they can cause tummy problems such and bloating and wind… well I have been getting excessive wind for quite a while now and put it down to my diverticular pockets. I am wondering though if it is the Adcal? Has anyone else had this problem? I am not going to try taking 1 tablet twice a day and see if it makes any difference. Would love to hear other people experience with these tablets



Yes wind is an issue!

Yes windy, but my calcium gets v low - Denusomab I think, so am now having 4 chewable a day until blood test review….

The dose of Adcal should be only 2 tablets per day.


I’m on 2 tables twice a day. (Not chewable kind.)

I have been taking Adcal-D3 tablets for 3 years now. To avoid flatulence and gastric pain during the day, I take the 2 chewable tablets in one go (approved by my Oncologist/GP) - an hour before going to bed rather than taking one in the morning and the other in the evening. The side effects are listed on the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals website.

Hi it might have something to do with the flavours, which the company are failing to notify users of, fortunately, having type 4 allergies, i refused to take the prescribed adcal until the company obliged. instead i take Calcium magnesium tablets from Hellenia, and D3 5000iu from my local health store. both offer a higher rate that that provided by christie pharmacy and don’t have negative side effects, and my team have approved of this. down side you have to buy them yourself. hope this gives you an alternative. [btw i was alwasy advised calcium should only be taken with Magnesium as a 2:1 ratio, which helenia help with. lol and hugs Moonsox