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Hi ladies, hope you are doing well, day 3 after my first  FEC- TPH …since day 1 i have had eye weirdness like they are fuzzy and eyesight is not 20/20 is the only way i can describe it, i find its quite bad in the mornings on waking, i also feel like i’m in a constant hang over type feeling too, tiredness and breathless when talking but i think some of it could be me, anxiety used to make me hyperventilate in the past and i’m thinking that  its mainly me doing it, hard to know, thankfully i haven’t felt or been sick once, also i keep getting aches and pains every sooften mainly when getting up to do something, like my back aches, then my knees my ache ect, does  anyone know if you get side effects from these once a day for 5 days injection in the belly for white blood cell count? …ive felt quite teary today and its only been 3 days so goodness knows what the rest of the time is going to be like, i dont know how im going to cope really

Hi eeyore

sorry you are struggling

i got back and a do pains with the filgrastim injections…I had to take mine for 7 days every 2 weeks for 8 weeks…hopefully be over quickly for you…I also got blurry vision all through my 5 months of chemo…it did improve after chemo finished…I have since had an eye test and needed stronger reading glasses…but maybe that’s just a coincidence.

take good care

Hi, it will be two years next month since my last chemo. I kept a ‘side effects’ diary during my treatment and I’ve just had a look back to see what side effects I had. Chemo # 1 
Blurry vision, body aches, fatigue, tight feeling in chest, constipation, skin rash and nausea. 
So what you are experiencing sounds pretty normal to me. And yes I definitely remember getting bone pain from those injections.
Days 5& 6 were always my bad days when white blood cells were at their lowest ( I used to call it “falling into the chemo hole”!) I literally lived on the sofa for about 3 days, By day 10 I was feeling ok and able to function fully. The first one is bound to be a shock to your system. Make sure you are drinking LOADS of water! Someone also recommended coconut water to me as it helps replenish essential electrolytes, I drank loads of it and felt it really helped. Listen to your body and rest up.

This is a good read, quite a raw account of her chemo journey, she certainly has a way with words and I can totally relate.

hope you feel better soon, hugs x 

@eeyore58   Hi, yes it’s the bone pain from the injections. I only had my second round yesterday so I have to start them again tomorrow but dreading it as that was was worst symptom for me. They said it would be harder for me as I have fibromyalgia. The last cycle I could hardly stand on my feet and legs the pain was so bad through them and into my hips and back. I have a vibrating circulation plate I checked with oncologist  and I can use that. 
Im getting the pattern now of what to expect. X