Side effects

Hi All
New to site, started chemotherapy on 17th Nov went better than I thought, next one the 8th Dec meanwhile off on Monday to have Hickman line inserted think I’m more worried about this.
Woke up this morning with swollen glands, mouth ulcers and to top it off my hair has started to come out!!!
Boy do I feel great today any suggestions on how to treat the glands and ulcers?

Hi Snowbound
I always get the ulcers usually around day 10. I have difflam and gelclear pouches from my onc to rub inside my mouth, they do make it easier but sorry can’t help with the glands,


Ps I had Hickman put in and it wasn’t really any problem going in and much esier on the veins too for chemo; only I pulled mine out by accident so be careful where you tuck it - now that did hurt!!

G’day Snowbound,
The side effects can be awful at times, but you have come to the right place for help. I have got some really good info from other ladies and I am sure someone will be able to help you too.

I really suffered with horrible mouth ulcers first time around and was only using the mouthwash twice a day. The second time I upped the amount to 4 times a day and it really helped. I still got a bit of a sore mouth (cause I am prone to it), but I did find that the extra doses really helped.

I woke up with a razor blade throat once, but no temp and wandered what to do. It was a weekend and I was worried about all the scarey stories they tell you about infections whilst on chemo. I did go and see the out of hours gp and she prescribed some antibiotics and said to hold onto them in case things got worse. She said to only take them if my temperature went up. Later that night it did get a high temp and started the antibiotics and I was pleased I didn’t have to go back to the hospital (which is 45 minutes away)in a worse state. The tablets did the trick and I was glad I made the call.

I did leave a painful arm after chemo once and ended up with a dvt. Have learnt my lesson now. It really doesn’t hurt to get advice from the doctors to help, eventhough you may feel it may be nothing.

Take care. Hope all goes well.

Lone (Kulakatz) x