side effects

Had my first chemo today
Feel tired , when do the side effects normally kick in?
Do I need to start taking my anti sickness today
Thank you


Hi Rosie,
Hope you’re feeling ok. Depends on what chemo drugs you had. I had 3x EC and have just had first Tax and herceptin. The first 48hrs seemed to get side effects for EC nausea, tired , hot flushes but usually better by 7-10 days howver tax is certainly a different beast!! OK for 48hrs but downhiil until day 11 for that!!
Just remember we’re all different. Rest when your body tells you to and drink plenty water and take your antisickness meds before you feel sick. oh and my hair fell out about 21 days after first EC.
Please feel free to private message me if you want.

Hi Rosiechin,

It really depends on what chemo your on and we all react differently to each chemo. I would have thought that your chemo nurse would have advised you on the anti sickenss tablet. They usually recommend taking them for the first 3 days andthen seee how you react.

I hope the side effects are kind to you.

Take care and look after yourself

Chris xx


Been up since four feeling sick

Hope will pass soon


rosie x


Make sure you take the steroids and the anti-nausea drugs you have been given. And take it easy. No trolley dashes around the supermarkets, especially when your white count will be low (usually in the second week but depends on the chemo)

Hope the nausea passes soon.

Laurie x


Only dash for me is to the loo today .

Feel so sick,taken all my pills just having a lazy day
Hopefully feel better tomorrow,
Do not fancy food either !!!

Rosie x

Hi Rosie
You should ring up your breast cancer nurse.
They have lots of different drugs to control side effects, especially nausea. They often start off with fairly mild ones, but will swap you over to something else until they find ones that suit you. They really want to help bu can’t unless you contact them- there is no need to suffer if it can be avoided.
all the best

Thank you
Will ring her monday

Just feel sick and running for a wee all day


Rosie x

Hello rosie,
How are you doing! I have my first EC on tuesday and its saturday. Today I would class as my first normalish day! I’m absoutly shattered.
I was sick the first night really bad nausea and sickness the next day. 3rd day felt better today day 5 and I was up at 6 with bad constipation pains and then starving hungry cos of steroids. Last day this mroning of them and I don’t think they did me much good! But that’s what my review is for the day before the next one!
Feeling weepy and emotional as well but glad that the 1st one is out of the way!
Hope you start to feel better soon
Love fran xx

Joys of chemo!
Still sick- woke up at 4 been sick since then,
Thanks goodness for my pink bucket.
Anti sickness drugs are not working ,
Only day two !!!

Love rosie