Side effects

Hello ladies :slight_smile:

I really hope that everyone is doing well and keeping up beat about things. I had my first session of chemo (FEC) a week ago now and my side effects are now minimal (sorry if your experiencing otherwise). I have had a sour mouth light headedness and a spout of constipation but other than that nothing.

I was wondering if what people say is true how you respond to your first session is how your going to respond to them all?

Look forward to hearing from you

Katie :slight_smile: xxx

Hi katie,
glad to read that your se’s have not been too bad. I’ll let you into a secret - mine weren’t either! I did my chemo the back end of 2010, so a while ago now, but yes, what you’ve been told was true for me. The one thing I would note is that as chemo progresses you will probably find you get more tired as you body is taking a real hammering, but as a rule of thumb, after one cycle you’ll know pretty much what to expect. This si good cos you can plan a bit around what you expect. That said keep up the self-care as directed to minismise unpleasant effects.

Are you staying on FEC or are you likely to switch to Tax (Docetaxel)? Some people find one easier, some find the other easier, some find both hellish, some find both ok.

Hope all continues to go well for you, and your se’s remain little ones.

Hi Katie

I didnt suffer too much on FEC either, had a week where i felt a little rubbish and spaced out then was almost back to myself. I second what revcat says about the tiredness getting progressively worse with each one.

Hope se’s continue to be minimal for you
Best wishes
Clare x

Wow that’s cool :slight_smile: I will be happy for it to carry on the way it has been. Bring on the 26th of June when I have my past session lol.

I am having the FECT 3 sessions of each :slight_smile: but I have been told that the last couple of sessions will be the worst. I will be happy for my side effects to stay like this as for the first 4-5 days I feel a bit sick then after that I feel Normal again ( well as normall as can be). Although at the minute I have been experience Ice blocks for feet, no matter how thick my socks are they are still cold lol.

Thank you for your post I really did put a smile on my face :slight_smile: xxx

I do agree with RevCat and Clare37. My side effects were mostly tiredness. The way I describe my chemo experience is to compare it with a boxing match. The first chemo, is like a punch, but you get up and carry on; the second you feel the punch; the third one you it starts to get more difficult to get up and it slowly and find it more and more difficult to fight back. Unfortunately chemo wins, but you eventually get better and carry on with daily routine.

I like that analagy vercors

Hello KT23

I’ve picked up your post from looking around the site. So glad that you are OK and your s/e’s are virtually nothing. Us March ladies have been wondering how you’re doing. I’m OK and like you on day 11, half way to our next session.

Take care of yourself and ejoy this lovely weather!

Best wishes

Beryl XX

Hi KT23, glad to see that you are doing ok. As Beryl said, we hoped you have been coping well after your first treat.

Hope that continues for you!
Joan xxx