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Hi Ladies

Just had my 3rd herceptin and seem to have lots of aches and pains, i feel parinoid as i keep noticing pains and aches around my left breast, which is not the one that that the lump. original dx grade 2 invasive lobular, no lymph nodes infected, clear margins, excellent prognosis from onc, 95% will not recur in next 10 years. Am i worrying for nothing, feel well apart from this, also nearing end of rads, 4 more to go. I dont take much notice of other aches but when they are in the breast area it is scary.! reassurance needed please!!!

sarah xx

Hi sarah

It is great that your oncologist was so positive, but do be aware that these statistics are just number crunching. We are all so individual that even with a good prognosis we do need to be alert. The best person to get reassurance from is your oncologist so I would let him/her know that you have these aches and pains and get them to check it out for you, otherwise you just go on worrying.


Hi Sarah
I have just had Herceptin number 4. I also seem to have a lot of aches and pains in my back, knees, hips I also get a pain on the left side of my chest (mastectomy side). Left is a bit confusing as since my op my heart seems a lot closer than before. I don’t know whether it feels like my ribs or my heart. It feels rather scary but as I keep waking up every morning I figure it is OK at the moment, however I have my echo scan next week so that will reassure me on one count. The only thing we can do is to discuss with the Doc I suppose But my best reassurance is I feel like that as well Sarah.
Take Care

Thanks ladies

Im seeing Onc on tuesday will mention it then, sure its ok as had a mri scan in august when first found lump and it was all clear and cant find a lump on left side.
Could just be old age creeping up on me, mind you im only 42 not that old really!!