Side effects

I have been on Letrozole for about a month now and started on Ibrance 2 days ago.So far I have been lucky with the Letrozole having hot flushes and a little joint pain.Can I ask anyone who is on this treatment how soon would the side effects take hold,I have only had 2 Ibrance caps so far so would imagine they have to get into the system but how long does it take?

Hi Bevrax

I have been on Letrozole for 4 months main side effects nausea, joint pain, hot flushes & night sweats

it is hard having to go through menopausal effects again having gone through menopause 30 years ago I am now 73 and I dread the thought of having to take them for the next 5-10 years but needs must I suppose

I hope everything settles down for you soon and the side effects… are not too bad for you





Hi Bev, it’s really hard to answer your question as we are all unique and therefore our responses are too. My Radiologist consultant who prescribed the Letrozole before I began my radiotherapy sessions predicted 6 weeks until some joint pain developed. I have to say it was a lot longer than that, but the hot flushes started around 6 weeks and they were truly awful. I was part of the Palbociclib trial 2 years ago and did not tolerate the drug very well at all. My neutrophils kept crashing. However, with my amazing Onco fiddling about with dosages and timings I am now stable. No signs of growth in any of my 4 lung mets. I am on 75mcgms, 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. ? fingers crossed. I am 72 but fit and active. My Onco tells me my lifestyle is extremely helpful both for resisting the disease and also keeping the joints pain free and flexible. My advice is to just get on with your life and not wait for SEs which may never occur. Good luck with your treatment. ?

Hi Bev, I started on Letrozole about a month ago as well along with Zoladex. I have just started to have hot flushes mostly at night but otherwise ok. I was due to start Ibrance last week but the pathology for my tumour came back borderline for HER2 so I’m having to wait for further tests to decide whether it’s HER2 positive or negative. Assuming it’s negative I’m due to start Ibrance this Wednesday so it will be interesting to see what if any side effects occur. My Oncologist did say that they start everyone on a high dose and most people don’t tolerate it well so they then adjust the dose until they find the right one for you. So basically the first few months might be a bit rocky but it should get better once they find the right dose that your body can tolerate. Here’s hoping anyway! 

Hi I’m on letrozole  my hot flushes and joint pain started around the end of 1st week around the 3rd week my throat was sore now I’m left with what fills like a ball stuck in my throat and eating has be come a problem my oncologist started me on steroids  and upped my oxycodone  hoping it will settle down she said if not she will change letrozole for something else 

Kym x