side paiin and restricted arm

hi can anyone give me advice. i had mastecomy and imm recon in dec. now getting back to doing everything a lot later than lots of people i know. my problem is i have never been able to do bra up at back but my arm did reach it. now cant and doing exercises get it anywhere near it. i have like a dead arm towards top half no swelling or pain when outstretched can push up on it if need to its just when its bent. i struggle to put arm up andreach for seat belt etc as bent. when i lay on my side and bad arm acorss top of tummy it hurts. who would i ask for advice gp or oncologist nurse nothelpfull. should i do different exercises if so what. thanks

hi i just realised i never mentioned side pain. its litterally if i put my arm down at the side. the pain isnt in arm its the side. its not so much as pain as tender but know its there. i dont like to make a fuss should i mention it and to whom or is it still sore from all pulling around i had back flap op. i dont know if swollen or rolls of fat. they took a lot out of my back as had lumpectomy just befroe and surgeon covered that scar as well. thanks to all in advance.

Hi Julie

I had a mastectomy 2 years ago but no recon as yet, ( have been offered LD and am reading all about it before I decide to go ahead ).

I just wanted to say that I had all the problems you have mentioned after just having my mastectomy, my whole arm and part of my back where completely numb, I couldn’t straighten my arm at all or weight bare on it at all, I couldn’t even manage to cut up my own dinner ( I avoided restaurants for a while but thank god for McDonald’s where using your fingers is perfectly acceptable hehe ). I seemed to be a lot worse than all those around me at the hospital with and without recon and started to get quite worried, my friend of 70 was also doing so much better than me and I was only 32 at the time.

Over time I started to improve and was able to go back to my very active lifestyle. I hope I can reassure you a little when I say that I am now able to do everything I did before my op, it just took me a little longer than some. We all heal in our own time and I believe our bodies have to learn to adjust and relearn to use itself a little differently than before.

Your body has been through so much and needs time to heal and recover, even now 2 years on I still feel like my body is not quite fully recovered yet but everyday it gets stronger.

If you are still concerned about anything at all then I would advise you to make an appointment to speak to either the bc nurse or the onc or surgeon whomever you are most comfortable talking with.

Hugs and best wishes

Neenie xx