Side selects on abemaciclib

Hi everyone just wondered if anyone else is on Abemaciclib and struggling with diarrhoea. I have bad episodes every other day. I’ve tried eating a bland diet cut out most fruit and veg that I love. Also spicy and fried food. Still struggling with this . My last week of the month before fulvestrant and denosumab injections is the less severe but its all the time. I now just don’t eat if I’m going out any ideas. The loperamide does work to stop it after a couple of episodes but it is getting me down a bit x

I am on Abemaciclib too and am exactly the same.  I started on it in October 2019 and have been stable since then but do get fed up with diarrhoea and having to be so careful with food.  Bland food gets really boring.  Anything I really like seems particularly bad especially anything spicy or really tasty.    Bread, pasta and potatoes seem quite safe and well cooked vegetables are okay so I eat a lot of simple meals with a bit of fish or chicken with some herbs and well seasoned.     Beans are a disaster and I wonder how vegetarians cope.   I was originally started on Ribociclib but that made me very sick so was switched to Abemaciclib.    When I go out I take one loperamide tablet even if I am fine and this seems to stave off the worse.   I try and stick to small portions.  I looked up the diet for irritable bowel disease and I took on some things like avoiding onions but of course this makes food bland.  One positive for abemaciclib is it is kinder on the bloods than the others and I have had nearly two years stable on it with no other side effects so I guess I should really be grateful.  It does get me down though sometimes too.