Significance of Tumour Markers?

After having been on Tyverb/Xeloda for 20 months my blood test results have shown a steady climb in tumour markers recently - currently at 40. I have had a CT scan and having bone scan tomorrow so should get the results next week. Medical staff not very forthcoming when I ask about marker significance - could anything else cause increase? First diagnosed in 2004 and has since spread to spine/ribs. Recently had a 3 week chemo break while I have much needed cataract surgery but am now beating myself up that the break allowed the cancer cells to get going again. Any help gratefully received though guess is just a waiting game til get the results!

Tools there are a number of tumour markers do you know which one it is that’s raised?

They often can be raised for other reasons and that’s why they aren’t one for primary BC but to monitor trends with secondaries but they can go up or down depending on the treatment, meducatupion and other illness or even benign changes… Eg the ca125 for ovarian cancer can go up if your having a period or your constipated. And the psa for prostate cancer can go up if you were riding a bike.

Fingers crossed it’s something benign.

Take care

Lulu x

Ca27.29 normal range is 40 and below, but can be higher if for instance you have an ovarian cyst, ca 153 normal is 30 and below but can be raised if you have kidney problems or some skin disorders, and cae normal Range is under 3.5 but can be raised if your a smoker or you have inflammatory bowel disease.

Lulu x

Thanks for your reply Lulu.

It is the CA153 marker. I have had a urinary infection so perhaps that may explain things. Have also had shingles.

Fingers crossed!