Signs and symptoms if not a lump

Hi I’ve been hovering for a while, a little unsure of whether to post, but I have some niggling questions that no amount of internet searching is answering for me.

Firstly I’m a 45 year old mum of 3. Youngest child 14 years old. No history of breast cancer in family. 

Last monday/Tuesday I felt my left breast and armpit was extremely sore. I assumed hormonal, although never experienced it before. I wasn’t concerned as felt no lumps. By Thursday it was hot, swollen and a red mark was spreading around the side of my nipple. It wasn’t itchy.

I went to my Gp Friday morning who gave me antibiotics for mastitis, but felt as it was unusual he would also refer me to breast clinic.

That’s when worrying started and googling has become an unhealthy and unhelpful obsession.

my breast is feeling practically back to normal now, my appointment is tomorrow.

My question is this, for anyone with similar experiences did antibiotics  touch your symptoms? Can I assume I’m  out of the woods yet?

i asked my GP if I still needed to attend if ‘infection’ had cleared up. He answered with an emphatic Yes.


Hi Morph,


Nice name by the way - I’m now trying to remember the name of Morphs friend!


I didn’t have the same symptoms as you, however I would strongly suggest you attend the breast clinic as a precautionary measure. There are many non-bc causes of breast issues and lumps, but if you don’t get it checked you won’t know and I would imagine it may well eat away in the back of your mind, not knowing? So better to be checked surely?


I was in my early 40’s, no history of breast cancer in the family, was shifting boxes up into the loft (had them resting on the upper part of my chest as I wrestled them up the loft ladder)…afterwards felt discomfort and a bruise…found a lump…waited a couple of weeks thinking it would go…it didn’t…so got it checked out…and 5 years later (and doing okay) I can say it was just as well I did!


So please do get it checked and try not to worry. It’s precautionary.


PS - wear separate top and skirt/trousers since easier on the day. And don’t wear any deodorant since it affects the clarity of mammo/ultrasound.


I hope it goes well

Seabreeze x  




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