Signs of breast cancer

I recently have had pain in my right breast, clear brown discharge, skin has been flaming on the nipple, a kind ridge that sinks in under the nipple like a crease, I have breast cancer in the family twice. I went to my doctor who could see all these symptoms and could also feel swelling she booked me for a blood test for a hormonal thing which she said is rare and will come back normal. I have two small children and all week I have been panicking, my breasts have been extremely normal up until about a month ago, also she asked me to come back after I’ve had my period, I stressed to her my breast do not change when I’m due on I don’t get any pain or swelling from them at all never have when I’m due on. I’m also on the copper coil for birth control. I know and can feel something’s not right and feel like I’ve not been taken seriously. She left it at she will see me In a week. I just wondered if anyone has had the same symptoms and what the outcome was or if people think I’m over reacting?
Thank you Jess xxxxxx

Hi jess


just wanted to say although I have not had your symptoms I personally don’t think you are over reacting.  As you will know it is most likely nothing, but you need proper assurance, so I would be going back and asking for a referral.  Don’t be afraid to insist if that is what you decide is best for you.



Hi, I totally agree with ann, you need to go back to your doctor, or if it is in a practice you could ask to see one of the other doctors, impress upon them how worried you are and that you want a referral to the local breast clinic, so that you can get comfort and reassurance as to what this is.  Give them a call on Monday morning and ask for an urgent apt.


I would also add that breast clinics are not just for breast cancer, they deal with a lot of benign breast conditions as well.


Let us know how you get on and dont forget we are all there for you.  You are absolutely not over reacting you just want to know what this is, if after attending the breast clinic it turns out to be nothing then at least you will have the comfort of knowing that.


Helena xx

Hi just thought I’d let you all know and anyone who reads my post, got back from hospital today, I have everything except cancer!! Swollen glands, blocked duct and a small 5mm cyst!! All fine. Very weird feeling as I was convinced that it was cancer but a huge sigh of relief!!!
Good luck to everyone :heart::heart: xxxxxx