Silicone head band

Not sure if this is the correct description but I was told my mum will need a silicone band to go on her forehead/hairline to stop it itching. What would this be called as trying to search for one on line as my mum has been in hospital for a week and had started losing hair today.



Hi Daisy, I have never heard of this and to be honest don’t see there is any need, the scalp itching and tenderness soon disappears once the hair has gone. Wishing your mum well as she progresses through her treatment, it’s a hard slog but will be over before you know it. CC x

Hi Daisy…might this be a band to help keep wig in place, to stop any irritation from wig and to help keep forehead cool? I was advised to get one when I went theough chemo in March 2012 as my wig kept flying off!!! In the end I just gave up as I really didn’t get on with the wig and the horrible stockinette thing they gave me to put on underneath…just wore cotton hats/caps.

This is the link to the one I was going to buy…sure there are more stockists…

Hope that helps, and all the best to your Mum x