silk pillowcases

Has anyone tried silk pillowcases? I read somewhere that it sometimes helps. Would be glad to hear from anyone with any info.
Not sure if I read it helps with hair loss or it is just more comfy when hair starts to go. Is it perhaps more soothing for the head?

I’m using silk pillowcases as I’m using the cold cap. But they may well be nice for a bald head too. They are very cool and feel nice to sleep on! I bought some cheapies on Ebay.

I love my silk pillowcase, especially now my hair is clippered… and they’re very cool for the night sweats … now to address the rest of the body … maybe silk sheets ??


I used silk pillowcases when my hair was coming back after chemotherapy, I was told it was kinder on the new hair and less likely to cause it to break( A bit like a baby rubbing it’s hair away where it lays I. The same place all the time)

As a side issue silk pillowcases are reputed to be kind to the face and help avoid wrinkles( a bit late for me but may be very handy for younger ladies)


i needed a new duvet, and as i am about to start tamoxefen I splashed out and bought a silk filled one. Aparantly they change temperature according to your body heat realy quickly and make night sweats more bearable.

dont know if it will work, but its so comfy, light as a feather but very snuggle at the same time.

oldandlumpy … please let me know if it works and if it keeps you warm as well as cool and where you got it from!

hi ladies, silk filled duvet maybe,

silk duvet cover a no no, well at least not for me I couldn’t stand the slippery feel but I had a fitted silk sheet too so maybe that was the problem!!! LOL

have just ordered silk pillowcase from amazon. will let you know how I get on.

Hiya Everyone!

I didn’t have chemo n the associated hair loss, but when I was about to have surgery last October, someone told me about getting a silk bottom sheet as it makes it easier to turn over in bed when you’re still sore post-op. I priced them up in John Lewis, n they were some crazy price like £80 for just one silk bottom sheet. I just couldnt afford that sort of money. Just thought I’d tell you all in case anyone else thinks of going to John Lewis.

I didnt have time to look anywhere else cos I was only told about it a day before surgery. I did however, buy a big piece of pink satin material from my local fabric shop for about £5. It felt luvly n comfortin laying on it, but dont know whether it would work the same as silk for hair loss, as its not a natural fibre like silk.

Hope you get what you need at a much cheaper price than I saw them selling at!

Shelley xxx

Have used silk pillowcase for the last few nights. Very comfy, kind to the sore head and not at all slippery. V. good buy.

My friend recommended silk pillowcases to me a while back now and I bought one to see what all the hype was about. I have to say, I am impressed! Very soft against the skin and easy to look after.


If anyone’s looking to get one, I’d choose Jasmine Silk, Got mine from there and had no issues.

Yes, they so would help, I got mine from they are amazing!!