Silver linings

Just wondering about starting a positive topic- on silver linings. Not that any of us would choose to be going through this experience, but I was thinking today about positive things that have happened as a result of breast cancer diagnosis.
For me these include:
My nearest and dearest really saying how they feel, and being so kind and supportive.
Getting to spend more time with my children.
Making me realise how much my husband does for me and what a truly wonderful man he is.
Making me think about what I am doing with whatever time I have on this planet, and using it wisely.
Giving me insight into the ways that other people who I love, who are old or unwell, might feel.
Getting a cleaner and someone else to mow the lawn after years of putting it off :slight_smile:
Stopping worrying about wrinkles, grey hairs and love handles :wink:

Hi Jackiebee

If you look under the headings on the left there are a couple of areas for sharing good news, see ’ Good news, hope and inspiration’, it’ s a great idea to share silver linings, if you want us to move the thread into one of those areas please let us know

Best wishes


Hi Jackibee! My silver linings, twelve months on, are
Food! It tastes so nice, toast with butter, a cup of tea, things I used to take for granted until all the chemo SEs kicked in.
Going for a walk and just enjoying the process of putting one foot in front of the other - I had awful chemo fatigue, but now I’m enjoying a surge in my energy levels again
Having a hair cut, filing my nails. Putting mascara on. Yep, it’s all grown back - curlier and less grey than before! (the hair that is, not the nails…they were never grey or curly…)
Knowing that I’ve faced cancer head on, dealt with chemo, lost a breast and gained an implant, and lived to enjoy another day. It certainly puts minor whinges in their place, I don’t stress over the small stuff so much now.
Friends. I know it’s such a cliché, but crikey you really do find out who your real friends are!

jackiebee, what a fabulous idea. I am only at the beginning of my BC journey and it can make you feel so downdown but remembering toto appreciate those good things is so important.
sam x

The support love kindness and understanding my Husband has shown to me has made me fall in love with him all over again. I took him for granted prior to getting BC and I never will again. EVER
I no longer get stressed over anything. what will be will be. I ask myself if it will affect me in 5 months or 5 years and if it doesnt I press the delete button and move on.
I have become more selfish and have stopped worrying about pleasing others all the time
I am no longer worried about having the latest handbag or designer clothes or shoes. They dont make me happy.
I am going to work less and see my Grandchildren more
I now know who my real friends and family are.
I am going to LIVE LAUGH LOVE for the rest of my days. (once treament has finished)

Ha ha Ali H- the thought of curly nails made me chuckle :slight_smile: and you are so right about finding out who your friends are.
Sam- hugs. this site cannot fail to help you through whatever is ahead.
Funkilala- how lovely all of your silver linings are. Live laugh love- there is nothing else to do that is important. Good luck for rest of treatment.
I just thought of another one- because I’m off work at the moment, I have not had that awful Monday morning feeling for a while, and instead this morning I have walked my dog, who is now stretched out of the sofa beside me (taking up 75% of it, even though she is only a border terrier…).

Silver linings :
know who my real friends are,
have been shown so much love by friends, family and my wonderful oh,
met a great bunch of women on here, we’ve had 2 meet ups and a number of them completed the pink ribbon 10 mile walk at Blenheim yesterday,
left a job that I felt was making me ill and currently as Jackiebee said, don’t have that horrid Sunday night / Monday morning feeling!
take lovely long walks in the fresh air, get out on my bike, glad to be alive,
And I don’t mind waiting in the supermarket queue, some things just don’t matter anymore!!
I could probably go on but don’t want to bore you all !
Gaynor xxx

One year on from diagnosis and my silver linings are:
Brilliant family; loving, spportive, there when it counts
my “new” hair is darker ginger than it was before treatment
Fabulous friends - old and new
Identifying the bits of my job I want to focus on - and spending time on them
Planning wonderful things for the future

Hi Jackiebee, what a great idea, and so many silver linings. My wonderful family and friends, so many words of kindness from people I didn’t really know that well before. the wonderful staff at the NHS who have been so wonderful to me and my family, and giving me the best care possible. And like you funkilala, realising I made such a good choice when I married my husband, who really has looked after me, our children and grandchildren in sickness and in health.
onwards and upwards xx

Ah this thread is making me smile :slight_smile:


What a fantastic idea Jackiebee. I too am new like Sam. There is so many difficulties ahead for us and to focus on positive changes gives us hope. Since being diagnosed I have been in closer contact with my daughters…something I was neglecting before. They have been a tower of strength and are looking after mum. Also I cannot work and the thought of being able to leave work related problems to one side for for a while is a welcome release. Sunday eve was more relaxed and the sound of Monday morning traffic through my bedroom window was bearable as I don’t have to fight it. My oh is the strongest most supportive person I know, and even at this time he is a rock for me. I feel that the professionals are a blessing and are supporting me. This has made me feel special and cared for. I am sure more positives will surface throughout our journey and that keeps my head above water.

Before I was diagnosed I suffered from regular bouts of indigestion - the Rennies were always to hand!

Since my mx I haven’t had indigestion once - how weird is that? No change in my diet, so that can’t be the reason.

A small thing, but positive!

Hope the mx wasn’t too bad…it’s my next step.

hugs Janey

Mx fine, recovered really well - the ANC I had afterwards was not so easy! Still, it’s another step…

Good luck with your mx

Annie x

Just got my pre-op assessment through the post…got a wobble on. How long after is surgery usually…silly I know but think positive
Janey x

Don’t know, Janey - I didn’t have a separate pre-op assessment, I was booked in at the hospital for the day before the op and had all the tests then. Had op two and a half weeks after results of biopsies etc. were in.

Annie x