Single mastectomy & bras

Hi, I’m wondering other poeples advice or tips or thoughts. I’m thinking of having a single mastectomy instead of reconstruction. Was wondering about if you can wear a bra without a prosthetic. Does the bra stay up?

I have roughly 32C breasts (havent been measured in a while). I tend to wear sports bras no underwire.
Would a prosthetic stay in?

Also did poeple have to change thier wardrobes?
Im mainly a t-shirt person but i do have some nice dresses.
Im just trying to picture myself with one breast but its tricky.

Also (sorry so many questions ) im waiting on genetics testing so might be suggested a double mastectomy. How do poeple manage with double mastectomy?
Do poeple wear prosthetics or go flat?
How does clothes fit, shape?

Any thoughts would help me through the processing. Thanks :blush:


Hi there. I’ve had a single mastectomy two years ago and have remained flat and happy! I’m not large busted so occasionally I have gone bra less if I’m wearing something baggy. If you’re in tight t shirts you will almost certainly need to wear a bra with a prosthetic pocket. The BC nurses fit you with a silicon prothesis once you have healed but they are very hot in summer. Check out knitted knockers who are a wonderful organisation who knit boobs for free. They bend over backwards to do what you would like, or they will chose and knit a pretty one for you. You can even have a nipple! They’re absolutely brilliant. I also use softies a lot as I preferred them to the silicon boob but you can mix and match depending on time of year and outfit. The most important thing is to get the right bra. There is also a service at my hospital for sending your existing bras off to get pockets sewn in so that’s worth checking out too. Best of luck x


I had a single mastectomy back in 2020. I wear soft t-shirt bras or crop tops without any kind of prosthetic. I didn’t even get fitted for a proper one, just have the softies I left the hospital with.

I generally dress quite casually, but even if I dress up for something I don’t put my softie in. People at work hadn’t noticed that I’d had surgery.


I had a mastectomy three years ago and have never worn a prosthetic apart from a couple of occasions when I was in evening dress. I don’t feel at all self-conscious and those laughable plastic things the NHS try to palm you off with are utterly ridiculous. Do what is comfy for you. A softie is good if you really feel you need something or some old tights. I only had a single breast removed but I’m pretty certain that if it had been both I would still be going without prosthetics. Oh, and my bras hold up fine with just one boob. Good luck.

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I had a single mastectomy in September. I find that the George at Asda stretchy comfort crop top bras are the best to wear. They have removable pads. I wear with the pads inserted and I put a softie behind the flat side. Easy to remove or add filling to get the softie the right size and I then look the same both sides. Can even wear a fitted top. I haven’t been offered a prosthesis yet although I was told I could have one, and haven’t bothered to chase it up as I’m happy with the softie. Im 34B. I wear a soft front fastening bra at night with no padding.

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Forgot to say that I recently read an article about Katy Marks and her company Unobra . She has made some bras that are flat on one side, in nice fabrics, to almost celebrate the flatness.

I have registered my interest in buying one, waiting on more information.


I am 32 C as well and had Single Mastectomy.
Since the day after surgery and till now (1 yr 4 months after surgery), I have been using the following bra and Priform Post Op breast form. I 100% recommend this and I wear this with all my clothes. I am able to wear all clothes from my wardrobe prior to surgery.

There is also swimwear one if you are into swimming.

Hope this helps


I had double mastectomy at 34, stay flat. T-shirt dresses, swimsuit…no paddings, i just dont care…no worries, no problems…a part some backache due to changing body dynamics. But with gym went away, and can hapoen with riconstruction too.
I met many women who had to do numerous operation for riconstruction, and have infection and rejection…so i was too afraid of it. And no want to spend any more time in hospital!!
Best wishes for everything

Hi there I am exactly the same size as you and had a mastectomy to my left breast just before Xmas . I have found bralets to be the most comfortable I have bought the ones that already have some padding in and without a prosthesis in it stays in place fine no sliding up I am currently just wearing some reasonable cheap ones from h and m but have ordered some deom soft touch ones from sloggi . Look for the ones that have removable pads in. You can then just add to it on the mastectomy side if you wish x
All the best

Agreed I too have that same bra from m and s and found it one of the best ones out there x. Just found I had to go down on the cup size as found my usual cup size rather roomy x

Thanks for everyone’s replies. You lot have really helped and made me feel better about my decision.
Also the links were very useful.
Did people get fitted for bras before their surgery or is it best to wait?
Havent been measured in a well so not sure exactly what my size is.

I also 32 C breasts - or one 32 C breast now. The pocketed bras are great to hold the silicone prosthesis firmly and not directly against my skin. If it’s really hot in the summer I might put inside the pocket the softie given to me after surgery instead of the silicone prosthesis. Aged 62 I don’t really like being bra-less. The one exception is a sun dress that looks better without a bra. So I’ve sewn (by hand) a pocket inside the dress to place the little softie in it. This looks better than with the silicone prosthesis, as the pocket I’ve sewn was a tad too big and the weight of the silicone prosthesis made it hang lower than my real breast.

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Thanks for the tips.

Hey I had my single in 2020 and
needed radio but haven’t felt need for reconstruction. Got some nice swimsuits and boobs from Ameona and sometimes pretty much forget about it. Asda, M&S and Matalan do bras and you can get the stick on prosthesis to even avoid wearing a bra too but obviously depends on your style and preferences too. Best of luck x

Hi, so been a few weeks. Had trouble getting some bras. Got some bras then my right breast got bigger so they didnt fit. I have order some from Nicole Jane and got 2 zip front sports bras that i like.
Also posting on here, my story of getting fitted for a prosthesis.

After seeing 2 fitters, ive finally got sorted.
My first appointment, didn’t go well. The lady spoke so fast and wasnt happy with any of the bras i had. She seemed very adamant that i wear a ‘standard bra’ ( i like sports bras and front zips).
She give me a silicone breast which i didnt want. When i asked her what else there was she said there was only this totally silicone one that felt weird to me. So i left with a prosthesis i didnt want and was very upset for days.
Rang my breast care nurse and was told they did do other types. Re booked with another lady and it couldn’t have been different.
She was very nice and when i explain i didn’t like the feel of the silicone. She pulled out a box of more active prosthesis. The annoying thing was they were right in the room so the other fitter could have given them to me.
Anyway i got a foam weighted one and lighter memory foam one to try out.
I got 2 new sports bras because thats what i like to wear and have been trying them out.
Ive spent a week trying the weighted and I’m now trying the lighter one. I’m leaning towards the lighter one at the moment.
Ive not had any problems with them moving about at the moment.
Just needed a bit of moan and wanted share my story .

Bear with and try out things when you feel less under pressure. I’m 5 years post op now and haven’t had a proper fitting yet but have found some good options. The one that you get from Ameona and you can inflate/deflate a little as your weight/body changes has been a lifesaver for me. Good luck x

Hi Tracy,
So pleased it went well, I think each time they re-excise it becomes more painful. Hopefully settling now. :pray:t3: for us both receiving good results x

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Hi Lynnie

Yes, I’m keeping everything crossed for us both :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::pray::pray: xx

Hi Tracy,
There was no more cancer found in the breast which is good news. Unfortunately, I have a lot of discomfort under the arm from a very rigid lumpy scar, which is disappointing.
It’s making the wearing of a mastectomy bra very difficult as it rubs. I am wondering if the surgeon has gone into the lymph node area even though I was not supposed to have any removed. Surgeon said we can always tidy it up, but I have had enough surgery. I thought this was the end and I could concentrate on getting over all of the surgeries. Sorry to winge, but I am not feeling as relieved about the surgery as I had hoped.
How are things with you? When do you get your results, or have you had them? I do hope it was good news!
Lynnie x

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Hi @lynnie1

I am soooo pleased there was no more cancer found in the breast! Amazing news :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m sorry you are in so much discomfort under your arm. Have you spoke to the Breast Care Nurse about it? Has the surgeon said it will get better over time? I wonder if it’s too early to rub bio oil into it? Maybe you could ask?

I am still waiting for my results. I’m praying it’s good news this time and third time lucky xx