Single mastectomy - implant v DIEP?

Hi everyone. I have papillary breast cancer and recently underwent a unilateral mastectomy. I am age 50 and have not gone into menopause. I’m trying to decide between an implant or DIEP (with a lift to my healthy side). I don’t want to remain flat. Any advice from folks who have gone through this? I am worried about implant replacements or undergoing DIEP later in life when I am older.

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Hi, so glad you are at this stage of your journey.
I had lobular breast cancer in 2020, when I was 49 and had a single mastectomy. Due to Covid, I had to have delayed reconstruction. I elected for Diep surgery and couldn’t be happier. Ok, it’s a long surgery (mine was 7hrs) and a longer recovery but the fitter you are the better you over come it. Accept you will have scars, I now feel very confident with my body.
Happy to answer any questions.

I was in the same situation.
I had DCIS in October 2022 and was 52 years old at the time.
I decided on the DIEP surgery and like the other comments I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

I was lucky enough to have my mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time. So my operation was 8-9 hours. But all went really well and I amazed myself with my recovery too. I agree I think the fitter you are the easier the recovery plus how your mind is too.

I love my scars and happy to show them off. I feel very lucky with my whole journey.

Whatever you decide will be the right thing for you, but if you ask me I am so happy to have chosen the DIEP, as it’s my own body fat and so natural too (obvious less loosing my nipple, but that doesn’t worry me).

Really hope this helps you. Please ask any other question, if you have any or happy to speak over phone if that would help.

All the best
Dawn x

Hi @papillary. Just to say I was diagnosed 30 Nov 23 with ILC aged 51, 2 tumours in right breast. I went for the diep flap, immediate reconstruction after mastectomy and am really happy with the results. My surgery was on 1st Feb 24 and I have been back to long walks with the dogs each day for the last two weeks. I wasn’t really encouraged to go for the implant at all and I would have gone flat (aesthetic flat closure), had I not had the diep flap surgery. The recovery time was what was putting me off but I have not found it to be too bad. I hope this helps. I was not prepared for the amount of decisions that would be left to me during treatment!

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing their experiences. Really appreciate it!

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