Single or Double Mastectomy Dialemma

Although I have been trying not to go online or compare notes too much, I am very grateful to have found this forum!


I am 40 years old and was recently diagnosed with Stage 1, Grade 2, IDC and due to there being additional cancerous cells around the original lump, will be having a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. During my MRI they found what they described as ‘activity’ in both breasts and although there is no medical evidence of cancer in my other breast, I am feeling very anxious about sitting here in the same position in a year’s time with breast number 2! My consultant hasn’t recommended that I have both breasts removed, but with 2 young children, I am keen to do as much as I can to limit reoccurance. I know nothing is guaranteed, but I guess I also want it all done together.


I’ve love to hear experiences of anyone else who went against the consultant wishes and opted for double, and what your experience has been.

Hi Pip ,welcome to the forum .It may be worth posting this in the surgery ( going through treatment section ) or the recently diagnosed section of the forum as this is a rather quiet part of the forum .Hopefully you will get some ladies sharing their experiences which may help you with your decision .Good luck with your surgery .Jill.

Hi Pip,
It’s so hard not to turn to doctor google, but this formum has helped me a lot too!
I’m in a bit of a different situation but thought I’d share in case it helps at all.
I was diagnosed with high grade and wide spread dcis and I had a left mx in December. I was adamant I wanted a double mx (I’m 34 with a toddler and didnt want to go through this ever again!) my surgeon held strong to not doing both at the same time but said I could reassess when I was through the first mx. I’m 9 weeks on and have to say I’m really glad I’ve only done one at a time, it’s meant that I can still do so much with my daughter that I wouldn’t have been able to do with both sides out of action and I have also changed how determined I was to have a double. I now feel like I will give myself sometime and then make the decision.
So I haven’t really answered your question, but hopefully I’ve helped in some way with my experience! Good luck x