sinus problems with Herceptin

Hi does anyone have sinus issues with Herceptin ?

Hi geordiex. I have a runny nose and watery eyes in the cold weather and a little cough but that could be a combination of the herceptin and the weather. Hope someone can give you a better answer. Take care.x

Hi yes I have sinus problems. I have been on Herceptin for liver mets since June 2004. I have had sinus problems for years prior to my cancer diagnosis & Herceptin so always considered my sinus symptoms due to a pre-existing condition. But symptoms have been gradually worsening & after discussion with my non oncologist consultant we consider Herceptin side effects to play a role. I have an appointment with my oncologist tomorrow so plan to discuss further re management of side effects. Any suggestions? I would be interested in hearing about other experiences. Best wishes fi