sinus problems

Hi Everyone

Just wondering if anyone has suffered from sinusitis after treatment has ended. Did chemo FEC and Taxotare and then a year of Heceptin which finished in Jan 08. Saw the doc three weeks ago with chronic sinusitis, my nose has dripped all the way through treatment and with headaches across forehead and jaw pain. Given antibiotic, nasal drops(steriods). All this helped then yesterday headache kicked back in again and waking up with a blocked nose. I am starting to get scared that the headaches are mets but no other signs. Really had enough now, 18 months of treatment and still under par, don’t know how much more I can take. Any advise helpful. I am steaming but with mixed results.


Hi Geraldine

So sorry to hear u r having such a hard time. Whenever I get a cold it turns into sinusitis and it really is horrid, cannot imagain how awful it must b for u to b suffering with it chronically! It sounds like that is what is giving u ure headaches, is there anyone at the hospital who you can speak to, to put ure mind at ease? Sending you a huge hug and hope ure feeling better soon.

Take care


I have felt stuffy and runny since started herceptin on ( had 11 ) I have also got permanently watery eyes. I feel like I haven’t slept every morning when I wake up. When I had my scans the oncologist said there was something on my skull above left eye. I was petrified, but a further check revealed enlarged sinuses. I had had no trouble but since herceptin seem to have this bunged up feeling. love Eileen

Thanks for your replies girls. Feeling a bit better today, did a really good steam last night and this morning and my nose was really runny, so maybe it is loosen up. Also slept last night with a load of karvol on the pillow. Head still hurts but not as bad as yesterday. Thanks for the hugs, it made me feel better just reading your posts

Love Geraldine45

Hello Geraldine

I also had FEC and Taxotere and shall finish my year of Herceptin in May. Througout the Herceptin treatment I’ve had intermittent sinus type headaches and sometimes pains in my jaw. My onc said that I would have a runny nose during the Herceptin and I do indeed have a drippy nose for the first 2 weeks of each cycle. I also find steam helpful and Olbas oil too.

I hope you feel better soon.
Take care
Anthi x

Just wanted to to say ti didnt have hereceptin but chemo 4 years ago, i never really suffered with sinus problems but since chemo have done quite a lot, sometimes i get a very dull headache which can last up to 8 weeks (sorry hope that doesnt bother you) but just wanted to make the point that i think chemo upsets the whole body and things we didnt use to suffer from changes my sinus are so sensitive to central heating and when it the hayfever season. Steaming and all the usual things do help but more often than not i have to have antibiotics.

Hope this ressures a little that the chances are it nothing more sinister.

karen xx

Thank you all again. I have been feeling a bit better over weekend. Still steaming 3 times a day which I think is helping. Now have a dull headache across forehead and behind eyes so 99% sure it is the sinus. Wake up in the morning with a blocked nose. I guess it will all take time it would just be nice to feel totally normal again. It just feels like you sort out one problem and then another one appears. Thanks for your posts girls, it really helps and is very reassuring.

Geraldine 45


I’m sorry to read that you are having trouble. I had sinusitis after each chemo which was a delight NOT!!! My kid’s pony had sinusitis last year and the vet bill was £1400 but that is another story.

Big hug
Becks xx