hi just had a e mail from the doc i applied to to see if i could get the sirt procedure. am so disappointed as he said i am not suitable . have not said much about it as i was waiting to hear first.
he says he has written to my oncologist the reasons why so i will just have to wait and see …
it says that it can be used for multiple tumours so who knows .
love Tracyxx

oh tracy
how annoying just to get an e mail saying you aren’t suitable after all this time …why can’t these people appreciate what it is like for us…


i know i was so hoping , seems all i get is crapp news these days , i wonder if it is because the blood supply is not good to the tumours . i wish they would all just p*** off. these tumours .

Couldn’t agreemore with your last comment!
What bummy news for you, and so little info
big hug

What a shame, Tracy - really hope that your onc can explain why you are not suitable as it might be easier for you to deal with then. It does seem to be disappointment after disappointment for you though - sending you lots of hugs

K xx.

Sorry to hear your news I second the comment P…S OFF ALL TUMOURS

Love Debsxxx