sister diagnosed

sister diagnosed

sister diagnosed Hi. I am 27 years old and my sister is 37. She has Multiple Sclerosis and just over a week ago was diagnosed with breast cancer. After much delay in diagnosis, she had the lump removed (just in case it was cancerous as they were not 100% sure it wasn’t) and tested it which turned out to actually be cancer. My sister has Ductal Carcinoma In Situ which i’m trying to find out more about??
After her operation to remove the lump, she now has to wait before having further surgery as she has somehow? contracted M.R.S.A!!
She has been told she will have to wait 3 weeks after surgery and the tissue has been tested and come back normal, before radiotherapy can begin. Can anyone shed any light on radiotherapy as i know very little? Also after reading other peoples stories, it seems that the cancer can reccur. What are the chances of this happening?
I am exteremly worried and scared so i can’t imagine how she must feel.
Much love to everyone who cancer affects.

The above site will give you heaps of information.

The chance of recurrence is dependant upon the size of the cancerous area, the grade, whether it is hormone receptive or not etc.

If it is ‘just’ DCIS with no invasive component, then the chances are extremely high that your sister will make a complete recovery.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Publications Dear Tweety2

Below is a couple of links to publications that you may find helpful in supporting your sister. The first is a factsheet on DCIS and the second is publication on radiotherapy.

Hope you find these of help

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Sorry your so sacred - Know exactly how you feel its awful having someone close to you in thei situation.

Good news (from what I understand) is DCIS is early stage cancer therefore is the start so hopefully they have got it early - will whip it out may have other treatments as an insurance but from what I have read DCIS has a good cure rate - Fingers Crossed.

AS for MRSA was my fear when my mum was in having double matectomy but a colleague said get her Manuka Active honey (The hight the UMF teh better) put the honey straight on the infected area and hopefully it’ll help - nots cheap as flown in from New Zealand but apparently fab and ridding MRSA (Check out the web) and Holloand and Barret sell the +35 version. Also get VitC 1000Mg to boost her immune system.

After all that, get on the sofa with her - Crack open the chocs and just enjoy being her sister!!

Thinking of you and have everything crossed!!