Hello, after a regular mammogram, I got called back for further investigation and a needle biopsy for calcium deposits. Was told on Thursday afternoon that I have pre cancerous cells in left breast. Now waiting for appointment with doctor on Thursday to discuss situ. Is there anyone on this forum that with any advise as feeling very low. Also wondering if cancer cells could be somewhere else in my body.

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Boro​:heart: sorry you find yourself here :heart: glad you got checked over and your team are taking care of you. If you can might be useful to ring the number on here and a nurse can help you get any questions you want to ask your team at your meeting, get a little notebook and jot things down and also take someone with you if you can, it’s a lot to process, so please be kind to yourself and please take it day by day and step by step. Till you’ve seen your team you will be :exploding_head: but please remember they have seen it all before and your plan will be tailored specifically to you :heart: others will pop on soon too to offer support and help :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx