six months on.

I am now 6months post chemo, fec-t x6, the problem is that i am still suffering the effects of the taxotere, my joints ache at night, and pains in my legs are awful in bed. The pain is really disturbing my sleep, so i am tired all the time.
My onc, sent me for a bone scan, which has come back all clear, so i now know its nothing more sinister. He assures me that it will get better with time, but how long can this carry on?
I cant get my head round the fact that some days its worse than ever, i would think it should be getting better not worse.
Has anyone else had this happen to them, i am being made to feel by the powers that be, that its all in my head, and that nobody else, has ever had this happen to them.

Yes Sharon I found that the after effects of taxotere lasted ages-fortunately my oncologist knew this and was able to reassure me.The aches and pains took about a year to disappear and the tiredness about 2 years!!i am now 4 years post treatment and still have slight pn in fingers and toes…Oh and my eyebrows never came back :slight_smile:
Its a great cancer killer though…

Good Luck


Hi! Sharon am sorry to hear you are suffering during the night with pain. I too had 3 fec and 3 tax. and suffer the same aches and pains as you.I take lyrica for the nerve pain in my legs and morphine for my lower back pain.Like Horace I too am 4 years post treatment.its not all in your head there are lots of women suffering the after affects of tax!!I want you to know you are not alone sweetheart!!and oh boy am I tired its a costant battle to keep going some days!!..but as Horace says!! Taxanes are great cancer killing drugs!!! It does get better and you will start to have more good days than bad.

Take care Sharon and I hope your GP can help with some good meds to help you sleep at night!

*LUV* Anne!

Hi SHaron, really sorry to hear you are still getting the pains - I had them mildly and 7 months on they are now better but I can understand how tiring it is. Please don’t let the medicals leave you with the impression you are making stuff up in your head - as my lovely frind Julia said (died of BC some years ago) - she always said to the docs and nurses - " I know my body better than you do and I’m telling you…bla bla bla". Maybe your Gp or someone on the cancer team can suggest something to reduce the pain or help you sleep - and yes I do think it does gradually get better.
sorry if this was a bit of a rant but I get annoyed when women aren’t listened to, best Nicola

Hi Sharon,
Its certainly not in your head! I finished 3FEC/3Tax in Sept .
2010,although I am having many more good days now,I still have nerve pains in hands and feet and feel absolutly shattered some days.
I am sure it is going to continue to improve but over how long and will I ever be totally symptom free who knows?
I do know this is worth putting up with if it has got rid of the cancer,heres wishing you more better days soon.
Best wishes,

Another one here, finished fec/tax in July and the muscle pains in my legs are still there and it feels like I have done a major workout in the gym after a long absence, the pains are especially troublesome at night. Energy levels not fully recovered yet either. Onc said it can take time. X

…I’m three and a half years on, but unfortunately I can totally relate to these postings about leg pain. I had FEC and Taxotere, then went onto Arimidex. After about 14 months had increasingly bad leg pains, and not sleeping. Bone scan was normal, as were blood tests. It settled down, but then I went on Femara and the pains started again. I’ve not been on any hormone therapy for six months or more now, and I know my doctor would like me to try Tamoxifen. However, I feel that my quality of life is seriously affected by the constant leg pain, knee swelling and lack of sleep, and I just don’t want to take anything else. I wonder whether this can all be a result of the taxotere? So many of us suffer from painful legs. No, it certainly is not in our minds, but there is nothing ‘to find’. I would really welcome a lot more research into the quality of life following breast cancer treatment, and long term effects.