Six weeks after surgery, I still can't sleep on my side

Hello all,

I know people have posted on this before, but aas anyone found a good solution to sleeping well, post lumpectomy surgery? I was always a side sleeper. I still have a lot of pain and to save pressure on the boob have been sleeping half upright on my back, with a big V-shaped cushion support. Don’t know about other ladies, but I find this very hard. Also makes me a bad sleeping companion, because it makes me snore (lol). And after six weeks quite an amount of pressure is placed on my bum every night. I may even get bed sores soon! A friend told me to use a soft pillow, but my breasts aren’t as large as hers. If I turn on my side, even attempting to put a little cushion under it, the breast sort of tips over and I wake up with it aching like mad. I’m not sure it’s good for the healing process, either - as in, after a few hours on my side it looks even more like a horrible sack of prunes than before. Grateful for any brilliant ideas, ladies! PS Am wearing a soft bra - anything else keeps me up all night. Thanks, all.

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Hello @skysurfer

I am very sorry that you are still facing challenges 6 weeks post surgery.

I don’t have any brilliant ideas but thought I can share my own experience of what I think helped me.

I had a therapeutic mammoplasty on Wednesday and thankfully can sleep on my affected side (left) since day 3. I am a side sleeper especially favouring my left side. The only bit that tingles now and again is the site where they removed the nodes.

I think what helped is; I have medium sized breasts and have been wearing the supportive ‘silima’ brand bra the BCN prescribed - day and night. I also bought some post surgery front fastening bras from M&S (you get vat relief) so I can wash and rotate them.

The bras are meant to support (inc keeping them in certain position so they don’t fall to sides), heal and reduce bruising. I am also doing my prescribed exercises.

For someone who does not spend 24:7 in bras usually, especially asleep, it has been restrictive and something that takes getting used to. I am only glad that it is wintertime and it’s not causing too much heat and itching. I feel like a ‘Victorian’ with my tight ‘stays’.

I was told it was only for a week or so. For me, that’s bearable to help support healing.

I would suggest you contact the breast care nurses for advice and support. They will have come across many with their own challenges/questions.

Hello @clarebo - this may contain useful information you requested regarding bras.

Take care and I hope you have your problem sorted soon x

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I slept with a soft heart shaped cushion in my armpit which was provided by my BCN and it really helped as I’m a side sleeper too.

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Thank-you @Pebbles51 and @Dhillman . I have the decision about radioT and chemoT tomorrow; so it goes on…