Skiing after mast & lymph node removal

I am due to have my operation on 21sr September, all being well. Having had no family holidays this year due to treatment we are bgooking a holiday for February half term to take the children skiing. Something I have always wanted to do. My bc nurse thinks I can be fit by then. I thought it would be a good incentive to get myself fit but having read some of the posts I am worried that I may be a tad over optimistic - character flaw - when first diagnosed I thought I would be back at work after op, you know a couple of weeks or so, then found out it was chemo first!

Anyone managed something like this post op?


I skied 4 months after mast & lymph node removal, all was well. I did get a sleeve to wear to support arm and was careful about what I carried. Only difficulty was the drag lifts as my arm was & still is weaker. This was march 2006, have skied again this year after having reconstruction. Sure you will enjoy it, it was nice to do something “normal”

Hi Michelle,

thanks for the info. I hadn’t thought about the carrying of gear or drag lifts - I will just have to get hubby to carry the gear!!!