skin blistering - allergic reaction?

Hi all, another problem that has reared it’s ugly little head! Just another one to add to the list that have become part of everyday life since this bloody breast cancer was diagnosed, I was very healthy until it happened! Last Sunday 7th I started with a tiny patch of redness on my throat. Now I have blistering skin that hurts like the worse sunburn on my arms, chest, tummy and over my hips creeping onto my back! Seen a nurse parctioner x2 and a GP today 12th. He says it is an allergic reaction to one of the drugs I am on! No S*** Sherlock! I am on Zoladex (every 28 days) had it again on Weds 10th, 1200mg daily Gabapentine for pain caused by nerve damage (I had left M, 14 nodes clrd, imm.recon with Lat Dorsi & Implant Feb 06). Temazapam for sleeping when I need it. He has told me to stop immediatley taking the Gaba. I am worried about this as when I tried to come off it in the summer the GP and my ONC said it has to be withdrawn really slowly, but now this GP says I must stop straight away! Anyone else been in this situ? I am going to stop the Gaba. as I cannot stand the pain from the blistering and swelling, alsoV.worrying on my left arm! One thing after another.

Sometimes I really wish the BC hadn’t been found. I was healthy until the op and all the drugs. Like they say what you dont know can’t hurt you. To make it all worse I am booked to have my recon made smaller, just a smaller implant, Thur 18th Oct. I have been badgering for that since the M. as it has always been too big and finally got my surg to agree it wasn’t swelling causing the imbalance anymore! Then my ovaries out on 4th Dec so if this resize op gets called off it will be into the New Year before he can resize it. I am so p’d off you wouldn’t believe. Sorry.

Hi Dawn

I am sorry that you are experiencing such a severe allergic reaction to your medication, I am sure this must be causing you some distress.

I understand that you must be feeling upset and angry by this so if you would like to discuss how you are feeling or for further advice, I think it might be a really good idea to give our helpline a ring. They are on 0808 800 6000 and open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, Saturday, 9am - 2pm

Our helpline is a free and confidential service. It is run by specially trained nurses who can offer information, advice or just a listening ear.

I hope you find this of some help.

Kind regards.

Breast Cancer Care

Hi Dawn,

I can understand why you feel so bad and I am sorry to hear you are in such a bad way.

Its hard not to give advice because advise is not always helpful but I’ll give it anyway and hope it doesn’t add to your already s***y day. could you contact your breast care nurse a.s.a.p. and perhaps even phone the onc’ clinic to say you are having this reaction. To be honest GPs although front line health experts they do not specialise and I personally would want the onc’s opinion.

Good luck in sorting something out, these chemicals are frightening arn’t they.