skin cancer??

i have been refered to another department just to make sure the raised brown patches underneath my affected breast are not skin cancer. I dont have them anywhere else.

I had almost forgotten about them with everything else going on. I did ask the breast nurse when they were saying I needed radiotherapy if that would kill the skin cancer --if thats what it turned out to be–and she said no , but then she is a breast cancer expert not skin cancer, so I am now wondering if she was wrong.

So what do you all think?? If it is skin cancer will it survive the radiation treatment? seems logical to me that it will not.

I have these o a l and thay are benign.Mine came on during chemo and I was really scared but apparently chemo does lots of odd things.I hope yours are ok too.

i had mine before I was diagnosed. Only noticed them when i realy examined my breast after finding the lump. Goodness knows how long they had been there. I did not use to lift my boobs up and look underneath them

Hi OaL,

I have raised brown patches too, they have a medical term but I can’t remember what they are called. Mine are nothing to worry about but can be removed if you feel they are unsightly.They are hereditary. I had three under my breast, two very small and one slightly larger, when I went for my first mammagram the nurse said she would mark it on my files as I would be recalled, was recalled any way!!! I still have them after rads but they are a little smaller and a lot browner so they now look like moles. Hopefully yours are the same, good luck x

Are they skin tags? These are very common in areas where the skin gets rubbed - around the collar, bra straps etc. They aren’t very attractive but completely harmless.

no they are not skin tags, the oncologist has refered me to have them checked out.

OAL the treatment for skin cancer is usually by excision in the first instance… if it is skin cancer and they need surgery they would normally want to do it before your rads if its going to be within the the radiation field otherwise the skin could break down more.

otherwise it would normally be 6 months after rads but it is common to get brown spots as you age they are sometimes called liver spots… i hope that what it is. they can be a bit like a large freckle i have one on the inside of my thigh… your def doing the right thing getting it checked out as changes should always be investigated.

take care Lxx